The ISI blocks blogs in India

India is reporting that blogspot blogs are blocked and that they have no idea why this has happened.

Someone in the know (you know, the people who go by “they”) informed a friend’s uncle that it was the insidious ISI, who has infiltrated the -BJP- Congress govt. at the highest echlons and got them to block them blogs! “iFaqeer”: put it best: _Who else would support something so obviously against the interests of the Indian people?_

So, in the left corner, we have the “Bloggers Against Censorship”: while in the right we have the “Indian Government”:, fronting for the “ISI”:

As everyone knows, all things bad in India are done by Pakistani agencies. The Americans, as usual, say that “there is no evidence of Pakistani involvement”:, but little do they know. Hell, they’re too busy selling more planes & air-to-air missiles to shoot down storks delivering Indian babies to worry about a few loose bombs on the ground!

Lots of discussion here on the India block: “”: Kudos to “”:

Earlier, “RAW”: agents had blackmailed Musharraf into blocking blogs in Pakistan as well. Here, you’ll find a whole lot of discussions about this: “”:

Here is a sample letter to fix this whole blog ban issue once and for all:

bq.. Dear ISI/RAW,

Please don’t mess with our blogs. Over here in India/Pakistan, we like our blogs very much, so we would appreciate it greatly if you stopped blocking them.

p.s Why don’t you you start your own blogs? It would make you look all sweet and cuddly, and plus we still want to know who killed JFK.


Blogger #1,433,345

p. Indians shout email this to, while Pakistani’s should write to Don’t forget to change the blogger number. If you don’t know what your blogger # is, pick up your phone and wait for the local ISI/RAW office to tell you.

13 thoughts on “The ISI blocks blogs in India”

  1. ys I knew it was by ISI. Why cant Pakistan stop, umm wat do they call it, oh yes, intrerfering, is that the right word, umm, naaa, umm

    any way yaar, my blog is blocked and I am cursing anyway who is involved

    be it vajpayee or musharraf or ISI or RAW or CIA or FBI or even U

    The point here is that Govts on both side do not want peace to continue. If there is peace then obviously the people on both sides will ask where the money they are paying taxes is going and then they will have to answer this toughest question. so the govts keep using these tantrums to make ppl believe that there are more serious issues than “roti kapda and makaan”

  2. . so the govts keep using these tantrums to make ppl believe that there are more serious issues than “roti kapda and makaan”

    But Kumar why do people on both side believe in it.Me and you are one of them.Do you remember about your comment about terrorism among muslims.You,me and my others re raped by media daily and we dont feel any pain.

  3. Adnan,

    you say

    “Not more than Indians!!!!”…..”Yet another slap by you after your letter to Indian bloggers.”

    These statements reflect your hatred for Indians. I didn’t classify all Pakistani bloggers or Pakistani awam as naive. But you tend to be doing that. Nothing unusual in this because we have similar people here as well. The reason I said “you are so naive” is that this particular blogger was (I think so) not seeing things in perspective here.

    The author says

    “As everyone knows, all things bad in India are done by Pakistani agencies.”

    You see, all the Kashmiri terrorists (ok..ok..your freedom fighters) get support from your goverment. It is a fact not an allegation. Your government publicly acknowledges giving them ‘moral’ support. Now, can you believe that with just ‘moral’ support, can these groups get to attack us here ( I am referring to 2003-2004 blasts in Bombay – responsibility claimed by Lashkar-e-tayabba.) Now where do they get training, logistics, funding, weapons, hardware, equipment, etc? In India? Are we so naive? The leaders of Jaish-e-mohammad and Lashkar are openly seen in Pakistani cities inciting your innocent awam that India, Israel and US are the three evils in this otherwise sacred planet. And what does your government do? I never read about these people getting arrested for this. Your government is oblivious of these things.

    So without doubt, the first suspects are these groups operating from your soil. So decide “who’s naive” and “who’s slapping who” when you have the facts.

  4. Well santosh I agree with you and even Adnan will be more than hapy to support “Azad Kashmir” movement. We, the people on both sides are biased and dont give a damn to what Kashmir exactly needs. Kashmir now is more of an ego issue than a dispute. I Addu, Adnan, gives up this issue then his ego is hurt and If I give up then my ego is hurt. So If we keep discussing Kashmir we will be nowhere as both sides wont give up their views.

    2nd thing the hatered among Pakistanis for Indians, thats obvious when we have ppl who say kill every Pakistani on this earth. And you cant stop those ppl and Ppl who say slap on Indians. They will exist. They are bound to exist. That why we have a border between India and Pakistan.

    Its my personal opinion, I am ready to face any kind of criticism for this, India and Pakistan must merge not for the sake of a good cricket team but for the sake of its people. India + Pakistan will be a power that US and China will be afraid of. After the collapse of Russia very few countries pose threat to US and India and China are among those 2 countries. While the present India poses no threat to US but it can go against US. Pakistan is friendly with US and its evident from what Mushy is doing for US forces.

    This all may sound as hotch potch to everyone but this all has got some meaning. What the world is doing? Divide and rule. Middle East is divided. Russia is divided. Europe is again in parts. Brit hate French, French hate Brit and so on. What is left Latin America and South Asia including China. China is unbreakable now. Infact to US its an emerging market. India and Pakistan fighting and ighting and fighting and…

    Phew gotta leave now 4th call for me.. wil continue

  5. Yes! Yes!! Finally! Someone who GETS IT!!

    BTW, the militaristic right wing of the establishment (and I am not talking about the so-called sectarian/religious parties) in both countries DOES have blogs and websites pushing their points of view–or maybe I should just say point of view, since one is an exact mirror image of the other.

    I’ll leave you to find them and expose them. Sharing the glory is always the more noble thing to do.


  6. Well hello to the RIGHT MINDED INDIANS. A bomb-blast in mumbai, a kidnap in delhi, a rape in

    kolkata, a street crime in Goa, a murder in banglore…. everything is done by Pakistan. right???

    Pakistan Pakistan Pakistan….. We are now fed up of hearing to our country’s name in your stupid

    blogs, news channels and poor movies. You right minded indians are all wrong. You have the

    statistics, we have the statistics, why dont we indians and pakis agree to have

    table-converstaion with their supporting documents??? Since we started playing cricket together,

    Pakistan has won 62 games out of 101 against india while indian won only 37 ?? why … kahan gia

    tum logon ka josh ? we had nothing with us in 1948 and 1965 war and india wanted to swallow

    entire pakistan ?? what happened? why didnt you succeed in digesting us? kidhar hai tum logon ka

    josh ? only in the movies and in front of the camera.

    you forget the 10 times you lose but remember and celebrate the 11th win 😛 😛 😛

    do you know what.. since 1947 there have been 1.5 times more street bombings and civilian

    killings than that of indian ones.. Who did that ???? You think RAW was never behind that? what

    kind of brains you have ? Indian government and RAW altogether hijack the planes and put the


    on pakistan.. they bomb indian people and put the blame on pakistan,, but we pakistanis want to

    tell the indians that we are fed up of hearing our country’s name in your fake stupid stories

    full of mis-leadings and mis-informations. so be careful next time…..

    come on guys, you have a very dangerous under world in india… your politicians are of extremist

    hindu groups… they bomb you right minded indians and put the entire blame on pakistan .. thats

    not fair guys.. come on and show some sportsman spirit…Indians occupy almost 20% of world’s

    population but my dear friends its quality what matters.. not the quantity. 😀

    cheers and relax… and I hope that next time , if you politicans bomb you, you will first

    investigate the matter and then blame pakistan for that and wont shout like small kids…. oh it

    must be pakistan pakistan .. hahahaha

    cheers guys and happy CRYING over pakistan 😀

  7. wake up pakistanis!!!Live in reality.Look around you and see prosperity in China & India.Stop encouraging terrorists and you will not land up in any more Kargill & Lal Masjid screw-ups.Kick out the military and bring in democracy.See wisdom and stop being fanatic narrow minded.To be a good muslim you dont have to be like osama.

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