All Quiet on the North Western Front

The Pakistan govt. had struck a peace deal in Bajour and was scheduled to sign a document to that effect last Monday with the local tribal leaders. That very same Monday, the US/Pakistan Army blew up “80 alleged militants”: in the very same area. To ensure fair and balanced reporting, all reporters have been banned from the area. It seems the various military spokesmen contradict themselves enough anyways without having to contend with reporters.

Today, not to far from there, a suicide bomber “blew up 42 army recruits”:

bq. How many governments would defend themselves by claiming responsibility for an air strike that killed 82 of its own country’s citizens? “#”:

While the US elections mean the US just might cut down on bombing it’s allies, the Pakistan Army/Govt is going to be buzzing mad and will be firing it’s own missiles instead of just acting as the cleanup crew for US predator drones.

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