Lal Masjid: Two steps away from reality

“A letter to The News”: about the claims made by the “Jamia Hafsa:”:

bq.. The civil society must take strong exception to the *allegation made on TV channel by one of the two cleric brothers of “Lal Masjid”: that there are 500,000 brothels operating in Pakistan and about 10 million women are involved in this business.* Doing some demographic calculations, this implies that God forbid, *every third woman here between the ages 20 and 40 is involved.* That is a big insult to the society and the both the brothers must be taken to task for passing such derogatory remarks.

I fail to understand why these clerics focus only on the so-called ‘uriani and fahashi’ alone and don’t see so many other social and moral evils in the country. They seem to be too obsessed with issues related to women. *For example, can these gentlemen tell us the number of dacoits, smugglers, murderers, kidnappers, black marketers and so on?* If they know of half a million brothels, do they also know how many ‘kharkar’ camps are operating in the country where hundreds of kidnapped children are languishing, or how many private jails are there? Why is it that Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa, and indeed many other so-called guardians of morality, only find issues related to women so important?

p. !! The surprising bit is not that the operators of Lal Masjod believe “*every third woman here between the ages 20 and 40” is a prostitute, it is that people still follow them besides their obviously thin grip on reality. It would be nice to see the math used to come up with a figure of 500,000 brothels. With such extensive research into the fabric of society, the data gathered by the majid could be very helpful for establishing many other facts about Pakistan. Unless of course, it’s just a made up figure, designed to fool the gullible.

Another interesting factoid is that besides capturing a children’s library, they’ve also taken over land belonging to the National Book Foundation.

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  1. I am amazed that the women of Pakistan, and the parents and grandparents of women in Paksitan, are not in an uproar over this slur against them. Characterizing the women of a country as a nation of whores is pretty horrible. It’s also not very credible in a society where religion plays an important role in daily life.

  2. I dont think you have listened to any of their cermons. They have very sternly talked about the other evils of the society, and they have even made the suggestions of eliminating them by the way of the Shariah. People tend to be given a one sided view by the media and that is bad for the community. Why is their site blocked, if the government is trying to promote the free flowing information and it has nothing in the bag to hide? That is just because they are trying to tell the people that whatever they are saying is right and that what the others (SO CALLED EXTREMISTS) are saying is totally a lunatic behaviour. Come to think of it from the persective of the other side. They tried to protest by the web only to be blocked by the COMSATS by the order of the Government. They arent allowed to spread their views through the media. The only thing they are left with is the protest of the kinf they are doing. They are not doing anything that is not their right. Pakistan was found in the name of Islam. The ideology of Islam is oneness and brotherhood as long as it isnt considered your weakness. The Taliban were minding their own business but you declared them as your enimies. They werent left with any other choice but to fight in the name of Allah. The government is saying that these extremists are conducting suicide attacks against the state. I say that it was all started by the Government itself. By the government which is not even legal. What do I expect from you if I slap you in your face? A slap from your side is not out of options at the very least. I can expect more than that. Thats what the SO CALLED Islamic extremists are doing. It is mostly out of retaliation. What is Lal Masjid demanding? Only to imply Shariah in the country? Come on man this isthe basis on which Pakistan was found. Else the muslims had nothing in their plates for the demand of the country. So the clerics are demanding the basic cause for the making of Pakistan. That is not the thing anyone should be angry at. If the government does not want to do this then why keep Pakistan’s name as ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN remove ISLAMIC from the name. Remove the laws relating to Islam from the Pakistani Law and say that it is a secular state not an Islamic one. What is the point in having an Islamic country which is not following Islam in any way? It is just deteriorating the respect of Islam in the world.

  3. Good points, Talha. But the burga brigade is protesting the demolition of illegally built mosques. ILL-legal means not legal. Not in the eyes of man, country or the Lord God.

  4. Brothers and sisters you know that “Accurate information is the basis of accurate opinion.I would like to first answer the Misconception spread by the Government that the land of the Masjid is illegal or is the land of NBF. Do you know that the land of the Masjid is alloted by the late President of Pakistan General Zia-ul-Haq, it is really miraculous that the facts are supporting in every matter Jamia hafsa. I am supporter of one who has the knowledge and facts and lucid arguments to support his opinion. Now comming to the next part that ,is this a burqa brigade or they are well wishers of women.And also to the answer to the article. In this regard i want to divert your attention to a very interesting opinion by Dr. Joseph Adam Pearson , “People who worry that nuclear weaponry will one day fall in the hands of the Arabs, fail to realize that the

    Islamic bomb has been dropped already, it fell the day MUHAMMED (PBUH) was born.

    Now analyze the teachings of Islam that a non-muslim is saying this that the teaching of Islam are more effective then an Atomic Bomb then how can we retaliate it. Brothers and my sisters please don’t take the matter personel and please study the theories of Islam before giving these type of comments.

  5. It is apt that the supporters of the Lal Masjid brigade have just as slim a grip on reality. Lal Masjid was alloted a 1000 square yards of land. They illiegally captured a additional *16,000 square yards* of land!

    Islam doesn’t condone stealing. Lal Masjid is in illegal possesion of land not belonging to it. It’s very strange that people are using a religion which prohibits theft to support thievery.

  6. salam

    i think its true but ,,,,the prostitution is a big issue ,,,,,do any one of u belive that this information us …based of facts and figurs,,,if not then what u and all those who live in islamabad know the condiations of islamabad and the increasing trend of such busineess in a very much posh area of islamabad,,,,and i think it is the most developed part of pakistan ,,,,if it happend here then whay not in other cities,,,u talk about imagae of pakistan so my brother and sisiters when ever we cover our big mistakes on the bases of houner it flusersh more and more and more… its very much imp to highlight such issue because every women is not like mukhatrara myeee who i must say CASH he rapeee sorry 2 say just think if u have sisiters or any love one in ur around(thx)

  7. salam

    one of u say that LAL MUSJID ocuupie land more then they alloted 4,,,so dear listen that the land acusition is not a big issue because all of minstrs and higher autorites made there home at akars of illegal land what about them ,,,r paki people not borther to give them land ….just 4 sake of ALLHA coz they are running madrassa a place where girls take knowldge of islam ,,,its not 4 lala musajid its 4 islam if govt agree to give them that land ,,,goverment just try to highlight this issue because they try to divert our attention 4rom all other activites in pakistan and full fill some oher personal interst,,,,,,,so plz be realistic,,,,land is not imp,,,,there are many issues like unemployment,unequlity,injustice,,,and many more so plz think about that

  8. Brothers and sisters!

    Comments of Talha Adil, Imran Adil and Sister Fatima, were appreciated.

    Muslims are supposed to be on Extreme

    See Word Allah (don’t u c tashdeed there?)

    See Muhammad (don’t u c tashdeed there too)

    See Ayah in Quran which say “Ashidda o Alal kuffar-e-…” Don’t you c tashdeed here.

    Now if a muslim still trying to be Roshan khayal and “ENLIGHTENED” , I pray Allah for Tauba qabllul MAUT.

  9. @ Fatima

    “and is not imp,,,,there are many issues like unemployment,unequlity,injustice,,,and many more so plz think about that”.

    Its true that there are many other more important issues, but that does not take away the importance of this issue at hand. What starts off with a praying mat, goes off to huge bulidings on illegally occupied land and these mullahs cash on the sentiments of Muslims.

    I guess what we should consider the most is that our Prophet (PBUH) never encouraged such occupations and even for the Majid-Nabwi in Medina, he (PBUH) first bought the place and then started construction on it, which was the right way to do things.

    Secondly, I believe its true for all of us that we don’t feel the pain unless we are hurt ourselves. I would like to share you the same thoughts if (God forbid) these Mullahs take over your house to preach Islam.

    Please do give it a thought.

    You can see some othert debate on the same issue @

  10. When will all these “enforcers of shariah” learn that their methods just don’t work. How many people are convinced that they are right? How many actually want to follow what they preach? Times are changing, if you want converts and people that want to understand what you are saying then change your ways, its the bottom line. The methods they are using only works where poverty is prevalent, not any place where a person can make his own choices.

    BTW its very stupid and idiotic to think that you can do something wrong because everyone else does it. That is what has ruined this country since a little bit of corruption has turned into the right of every worker.

  11. jamia hafsa and lal masjid is really a hot issue. But they are not authorised to keep the law in their own hands. They should be killed by deputing best sniper from army and Ghazi Rashid and Abdul Aziz. They are trying to burn the country. How it is possible that student of a Jamia fire from rifles, they were learning shariah or getting training to fight against own country.

  12. Dear all

    I think at this time, religion being used by exploiter ruling class, as their ‘toll’. When system was made irresponsible to ordinary people than first need was ‘jihad’ against exploiters and poverty.

    Cleric are being used by the government all the time. Religious ‘lord’ all the time supports dictatorship in Pakistan and worked against democracy.

    Lal masjid now became ‘Lal bazar’ of clerics. Pakistani authorities are very merciful towards lal masjid , it is beyond the thinking. Because in 1979 some revolutionary came in Kahan Kaba in Saudi Arabia against imperialism and wanted Islam in its real sense than Pakistan Army went their and hundred of people along with revolutionaries had killed within hours. Pakistan Army fired on Kahan Kaba. They didn’t take care of such holy palace pilgrims were also killed it that brutal operation of Pakistan army in the support of Kings of Saudi.

    Now so called care they are taking about ‘respect’ of musjid where terrorist are hiding the name of religion.

    So I think this Drama was staged by the government to convert attention of the people Pakistan from All parties conference in London and thousand of rain-flood effected people in Sindha nd Balochistan.

    Musharraf became brutal to protect his role in such way.

  13. We have to believe that we are Muslims. so why every one is against the laws of islam. why we cannot teach islamic studies in pakistan.why our sisters dont wear burqas why our brothers dont realize that rape,killing are probided.That does’nt mean we start killing peoples. Idea is correct by mulana’s but implementation is wrong.we have to believe that Our government is also not on the right path.

    So what we do. brothers and sisters we have obey islamic laws. According to lal masjid issue they started with good thinking’s but they can’t control the situation. if someone disagree on my observation please do contact me

  14. Salam to All…

    I think we are in a dilemma and our personal religion is so weak that we are just afraid of ourself. that is why we can’t stand the truth and that is.. In Islam the limits are defined and there is no so called “Enlightened Moderation” Concept that we should modify Islam according to the time… It is a complete and Concise religion. Fundamentaly it is Because… Our Religious Institutions are kept aside from the Government. It has been assumed that all the Maulana will take care of the religion and the state will take care of the Politics. In Prophet’s (PBUH) Masjid was the governing place and it also took care of the religion. There was INTEGRATION between religion and state affairs. Now it is contrary.

    And the Lal Masjid Incident i would just call it a sad incedent.(i cant be more harsh someone might suspect and kill me too…words like conspiracy..etc)

    Just think..

    –where was the government on 12 May weven when there was no issue…

    –why didn’t it was taken up so seriously…what benifits

    –If Abdul Rasheed is militant and using women and children as shield why they havn’t been killed in this operation..A layman knows that a hostage taker will have them in front and will demand freedom…It was not army who was protecting it is impossible in hostile situation to SECURE them. all women were kept in separate rooms safe. and they were fighting alone.

    –what happened to negotiation…and so many questions

    I don’t take side but one thinks that asking for just Islam should have punishment and 12 may criminals should be fleed…

  15. ASLAM O ALIKUM , first of all i want to say to my muslim brothers & sisters its a question , just tell or think what is the value of JAHID in islam ?

    Every study has its practical , if we go in school we do practical of general scienes, same like in colleges practicals of the related subjects like Chem, Physics etc, same like in Islam Msdrasa is also an instituation & there practical is the training of jahid , now u must say that jhaid stard from small thing like restain urself from bad things etc, its answer is that they laready practice this & physical training is the last step near to me is Islam means jahid . So try to be logical & understand islam they pick up the (kidnap) Chinees , police & bad lady but at a same they treat them like a guests , serve them . this is just a notification for the public that wht evil is prevailing in Islamic Country .

    And other thing is that people say they use women & children for there safty , i want ot say plz plz use ur senses & observe that if they really do this they easliy save on a Gun point , but they dont . There deamands are to give safty to the women & judicial system will be Islamic . & they Punish them like that is pathatic step of our GOVT. most of ur live in West , i daily used to go to office by this way where LAL MASJID is Made & my self say prayer in that mosque i dont find any thing worng there .

    if i am in command i will change the name of mosque with the name of Molana Abdul Rashid Ghazi . thanks for ur time . ALLAH KNOWS BEST

  16. Shabash Mushi Shabash…

    Tooo to Rushdi ka bhee bap nikla

    Queen Eliz does not have any thing higher which she can offer you

    she has already delivered it to Shaitan Rushdi

    She must be saying

    Kya paysh karain tumko…

  17. Asalam o alikum,

    to all, Here I would like to say that I am really

    shocked to see the bloodbath in Pakistan.I am not there but how brutal it could be I never thought.All who have died were brothers ,sisters and husbands and fathers of some one.Both sides did bad.

    I feel sorry for the fate and future of my so called Islamic country and pakistanis.

    Is this the lessons and Teachings of Isalm and our Prophet peace be upon Him.He (PBUH)TOLEATED

    the pain of stones thrown in taif and prayed for those who gave Him pain and said to Allah to show them the path of sirat-e- mustaqeem.

    Our general sab is I think educated person and Late Maulan sab too.But no one used there tolerence and patience.

    I pray to Allah that Isalm spreads the whole world but not this way.It spreads the way my prophet(PBUH) TAUGHT.

  18. Lal Masjid’s people were right, because they want to bring the islam in the country.

    You know the people who are against the lal masjid they did not want to live the life accoding to islam . they want to spend the life with




    people who are against the lal masjid they act upon Musharif’s adivce



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