Musharraf to his many stooges

Musharraf petulantly addressing the many -politicians- actors on the govt. payroll pretending to be involved in running the country:

bq. If I have to do everything, then what is your purpose?”

“Well said”:, Mr. Musharraf. The purpose, long forgotten even by he who set up the charade in the first place, was to fool the western world into thinking there was some semblance of democracy in Pakistan so they “could support yet another military dictator”:

When will “America wake up and stop mindlessly supporting yet another military dictator”:

Another interesting deep seated psychological problem amongst many Pakistanis in positions of power is aptly demonstrated by Musharraf in his recent speech:

bq. “You do not know the problems for Pakistan if I am left out. …You do not know the problem”

Now, this is Musharraf pleading to his many paid stooges to continue supporting him – apparently money is not enough these days. That aside, what is interesting is this conviction that he knows something that not only the rest of the country can’t comprehend, but his entire political party also!

It’s not just the him, but many, many others all the way down the line. If you add up all the things these people claim “You just can’t understand”, there literally is nothing left. That reflects the state of mind most of the govt. have thought themselves into, but the rest of the country isn’t that stupid. While the rest of the world is busily mapping out their cities on Google Earth and what not, we still have laws forbidding taking pictures of “public infrastructure”. The explanation for this law, just like to everything else, is similar to Musharraf’s statement above. In this day and age, these statements just don’t work anymore.

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  1. I don’t think there is anything “mindless” about The Empire’s support of military dictators, esp our own (no longer partucluarly) benevolent example. Support is the result of careful weighing of options followed by (s)election of the lesser of all evils (for we are all, every one of us, evil in their minds, make no mistake).

    Do you doubt that Imperial representatives are, at this very moment, in discussions/negotiations with the forces of “left”, “right” and “centre”, in case things turn even more sour for El Presidente (who might do well to rehearse his “acta est fabula plaudite” speech), and regime change becomes the only Imperial option?

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