A Perilous Course: US Strategy and Assistance to Pakistan

bq.. For American assistance to be effective in a large-aid-recipient state such as Pakistan, it must go beyond transactional, quid pro quo deals and address the country’s main drivers of conflict, instability and extremism. Despite more than $10 billion in U.S. assistance since September 11, 2001, distrust, dissatisfaction and unrealistic expectations continue to undermine the official goal of developing a strong, strategic and enduring partnership.

Pakistan’s main drivers of conflict, instability and extremism include: a culture of impunity and injustice, discontent in the provinces, ethnic and sectarian tensions, a rapidly growing and urbanizing youth population, and extremist views among traditional allies. Militant groups exploit these underlying conditions to recruit followers on the basis of a narrative of shared suffering and injustice and the failure of the state to provide stability or prosperity. “Link”:http://www.csis.org/index.php?option=com_csis_pubs&task=view&id=4147

p. A short summary of the report: America is not getting it’s desired bang for it’s 10 billion plus bucks and they are upset. The reports view of Pakistan is damned bleak.

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