Bleak House

It’s a bleak time for Pakistan, with the entire country careening from “one crisis to the next in 2007”:

So far, the facts which have emerged out of all the fuss:

**Musharraf is a megalomaniac.** He keeps talking about the country in the personal sense, and clearly can’t separate himself from Pakistan, he now thinks that he is the most important need for the country, damn everything else. Power corrupts, and eight long years of absolute power has left nothing left to corrupt of Musharraf, the poor man can barely string a logical sentence together now and is sadly reduced to clinging on to power – after eight years that is the only thing he has left.

**Pakistani politicians are a sorry lot.** Now, this has been the case for a long time, and they are such an abjectly pathetic collection of Neanderthals that I had not thought it possible for any of them to do something so base, so low, that it would surprise anyone. Recent events proved me wrong, as the Pakistani politicians have broken through the bottom of the rotten barrel and are plumbing new depths of depravity by still supporting Musharraf’s martial law. Murders, theft, intimidation etc. are all common traits of Pakistan politicians, so it is no surprise when they kill someone or steal yet more money, but now they’re not even bothering to hide the fact that they will toady to the biggest stick, whosoever wields it. Not that they didn’t before, but at least they would make a token effort otherwise just a few years ago.

**The American government really doesn’t know much about Pakistan and the war on terror.** That is evident by their multiple failures on every front, but all their efforts fighting the war on terror in Pakistan have greatly increased militancy in the country. A big reason for this is Bush’s blind support of Musharraf, which played a huge factor in letting him continue dictating.

**The Mullahs have disappeared.** Some of them have taken up arms and violently taken over part of the country, while others are busy brainwashing and pushing other parts of the country back into the stone ages. They really don’t seem to put out by martial law, but then they don’t like democracy anyways. Their idea of Sharia law will make this martial law look like peaches and cream.

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