Benazir killed

Pakistan was already in the midst of a dark age, but darker days are ahead – “Benazir Bhutto was killed today”:

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There is not much worse which could have happened in Pakistan. Conspiracy theories are already on the prowl…

Interesting sight on BBC news – the bombsite has been cleaned, and fire trucks are pouring water on the scene to clean away away any last shred of evidence. It looks like a literal cleanup is underway…

The “New York Times”:

bq.. Ms. Bhutto, 54, was shot in the neck or head, according to differing accounts, as she stood in the open sunroof of a car and waved to crowds. Seconds later a suicide attacker detonated his bomb, damaging one of the cars in her motorcade, killing more than 20 people and wounding 50, the Interior Ministry said.

[…]The attack bore hallmarks of the Qaeda-linked militants in Pakistan. But witnesses described a sniper firing from a nearby building, raising questions about how well the government had protected her in a usually well-guarded garrison town and fueling speculation that government sympathizers had played a part.

p. It was a well planned hit:

bq. Haqqani notes that Bhutto died of a gunshot wound to the neck. “It’s like a hit, not a regular suicide bombing,” he says. “It’s quite clear that someone who considers himself Pakistan’s Godfather has a very different attitude toward human life than you and I do.” “#”:

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* “New Yorker Profile from 1993”:

h4. A small part of the aftermath

* 173 banks burnt

* 26 banks damaged

* 158 offices torched and burnt completely

* 23 offices damaged

* 24 petrol pumps burnt

* 2 petrol pumps damaged

* 370 cars completely burnt

* 61 cars damaged

* 72 trains bogies/coaches torched completely

* 18 railway stations burnt completely

* 4 stations damaged

* 765 shops were torched completely gutted

* 19 offices/shops damaged partially

* 41 people killed

* 53 people injured

Not to mentions the billions of rupees lost in lost productivity.

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  1. This is the most sad and tragic event in Pakistan, I am damn sure that Musharraf and ISI are involved in it, the way this mission was carried out, gives clear indication that it was planned on high scale. Bastard Musharraf is taking this country into balkanization, hope it doesn’t happen.

    As a youth of Pakistan, now I am seriously thinking of taking arms against Pakistani Army, this is our only hope to make this country a better place, else Musharraf will leave this country after destroying it and will keep on telling to himself “I didn’t do it” it was not my fault…..Anyone remember Yahya? these are the words of turncoat Yahya.

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