Why Pakistan remains a third world country

Much ado continues to go on, with another fake election around the corner, while the rest of the country continues following apart, quietly, hidden behind the fiery scenes on TV.

Just like fake elections, we have fake water connections, and like fake elections, which we just can’t seem to get rid of, there are many other fake services in this country, ranging from electricity, water, and many others. The letter below is a continuation of an attempt to stop getting billed for a water connection which doesn’t exist, with this case dating all the way back to 1995!

bq.. 08 Nov 2007

To: The Chief Revenue Officer

Revenue Secretariat

Karachi Water & Sewerage Board

Block – a, 9th Mile, Karsaz



Subject : Water Disconnection Notice (Consumer No. K.O.R xxxxxxx)

Plot No x/x , Sector xx Korangi Industrial Area

Dear Sir,

We have received an undated water disconnection notice from your department.

It is submitted that *we have been time and again writing to your department that there is no water connection* at our above mentioned plot. Even surveys by competent officers *failed to find a water pipe line at our plot.*

Normally we do get your bill which says water consume NIL.. This case is years old and the arrears are being added up in our bill. Copies of letters attached.

Even the meter was tested by your dept and it showed signs that no water has passed through it.

We are willing to pay the Fire, Sewerage and Conservancy charges.

Since there is *practically no water we would not pay the inflated bills of arrears of water bill.*

*There is no need to disconnect the connection as the water line was never existing.* *Our correspondence since year 1995 on the matter is an ample proof of this fact.*

It is requested that the bill be revised and the arrears etc be written off and we should be billed for Sewerage, Fire and Conservancy only.

An early action is requested.


The tenant,

cc. The Director Bulk Deptt.

Karachi Water & Sewerage Board, Block – A, 9th Mile, Karsaz, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi

Enclosed :

1.Copy of Bills Sep Oct 07, Mar 96

2. Copies of letters dated Feb 95, Mar 95 and your reply 29 Mar 95, 12 Feb 96,Mar 96, Nov 96, Dec 96 Jan 01 and Jul 06

p. It is amazing how badly the machinery of the country works. The Korangi Industrial Area is the largest (in terms of revenue) industrial area in Pakistan, and large parts remain without electricity, water, roads, traffic management, parking, and much more.

A lot of foreign visitors wonder whether this area was recently in a war, or a natural catastrophe occurred recently.

Another interesting sight noted on the main road is multinational companies like Nestle using most of the road to park large containers full of water bottles, which they then transfer into smaller delivery vans throughout the day. This could have something to do with the lack of municipal water supply… but I digress. The thing of note here is that when even the Swiss are reduced to this in order to do business, what about the rest of the country?

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  1. doesnt sound very different from our story …and im sure may others…. a constant battle with the KWSB …. regimes change and still same the same problems …. and the one with ptcl is even worse 11 phone lines hardly a single one works for a single day and this is in north karachi industrial area ….. another election to decide who gets to rape the country next ……

  2. untill we have shit president like zardari ,the theif ,the criminal, and so on,all the management is indicipline they even can not manage their own home and they are supposed to be a manager of country ,army deserves the management we need discipline and work just 10 years every thing can be changed,becuase no one is doing anything people who want to do some thing are not in power are not in jobs,and the people who suppose to do something are not doing what they should do they are just transfering funds out the country ,this country is our mother man i can shit my country,if zardari start thinking that its not my country its my mother i think he would be the best worker but he only knows how to kill,how to rob,how to shit,after him his son and daughters are ready to shit my country born drinkers and shiters i know them here in uk,they will become our administrators because our peoples are innocent they dont know what is shit and how to shit ,now every thing is becoming benzair ,airport,roads,and everything she has fucked our country she sold our secrets she sold every thing to our enemies she was a nightmare for pakistan and these bloody peoples are putting her picture next to muhammad ali jinnah what the hell is that who is zardari to change islamabad air port name to benazir,maree road to benazir road ,hospitals and everything is it zardaris ownership to this country he is the bloody owner no he is the shiter a damn shiter

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