Dating service provider to match voters to politicians

This is too sad to be true. After finding out that “Pakistan has outsourced it’s voting lists to Canada”:, a little googling on the internet revealed that the the voting system is being prepared by the same guy of a popular “online dating and match making system –!”:

It is so appropriate – I mean, if they can do the tough job of finding a suitable partner for millions of people, matching voters to the politicians should be a piece of cake.

With all these nifty algorithms at work, the general public won’t even need to go cast their ballot – -Musharraf- the Canadian computer will just figure out who they want to vote for.

As an aside, I still don’t get how the damn system works. After going through the “Election Commision’s website”:, I still can’t see how I go about voting – and there is no link to this Canadian list which supposedly lets you do all sorts of nifty things online.

The whole damn thing is so fishy – the ECP has some other voting list a year back which they’ve used to analyze all sorts of useless numbers broken up by province and whatnot, while on the other hand we have this chap in Montreal, Canada racing through the night on Christmas eve preparing some other voting lists.

The closer you look at anything the government is up to, the fishier it gets.

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  1. I am a Canadian journalist following the story. I had learned that Bokhari’s brother is forces employee in Islamabad. can you please provide me with more details. I am also looking to talk to some tech Guru on this issue.

    Here is my contact info.

    Mohsin Abbas

    905-921-0422 ( cell) TEXT me I will call back.

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