Next Gen Taliban

Yet another “reporter has been kicked out of Pakistan”: for revealing the oh-so-secret fact that “we have Taliban running around unchecked”:

Which begs the question, what about all the Pakistani reporters and TV channels who report the same thing? Intimidation, censorship and blackmail seems to be in these days, considering that despite all that is going on in Pakistan there is hardly anything which could be called investigative journalism in the Pakistani press.

The interesting thing is that there really doesn’t seem to a reason to deport this fellow – but given that the Emperor is naked, even mild barbs tipped with the hard sting of reality hurt.

There is so much fear, uncertainty and doubt about the emergence, power, goals and actual reach of the ‘next-gen’ Taliban rising up in Pakistan, that any journalist willing to risk life and limb reporting about them is to be applauded, not deported.

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