Tim Harford: The Logic of Life

!http://ko.offroadpakistan.com/images/2008/logicoflife.jpg! Another great economics book from “Tim Harford”:http://timharford.com/, exploring the hidden rationalizations we make during everyday life. “In this deftly reasoned book, Harford argues that life is logical after all. Under the surface of everyday insanity, hidden incentives are at work, and Harford shows these incentives emerging in the most unlikely places.”

A great followup to “The Undercover Economist”:http://ko.offroadpakistan.com/2008/02/the_undercover_economist.html. Thomas Schelling, a Nobel prize winning economist on the book: *”This is a terrific read. It’s one those books that forever changes the way you look at things. It proves economics is not a subject for dull textbooks; but is really a way of thinking that can shed light on all aspects of life.”*

A lot of newspaper editorials, opinion pieces and even the reporting consists of the proverbial blind man groping a herd of elephants, trying to figure out why things happen the way they do in Pakistan – Tim Harford lucidly explains that often even the most seemingly irrational acts have a logical explanation.

Tim Harford gave a talk at Google on the book:

h4. the book elsewhere

* “Timharford.com”:http://timharford.com/, “Book Reviews”:http://timharford.com/logicoflife/reviews/

* “Amazon”:http://www.amazon.com/Logic-Life-Rational-Economics-Irrational/dp/1400066425/ref=bxgy_cc_b_img_b

* “Google Books”:http://books.google.com/books?id=eRdKGQAACAAJ&dq=logic+of+life+tim+harford&ei=14uxR5CTGYbkiQHNsOzuDw

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