A Case of Exploding Mangoes

Posted June 22, 2008 to Books , Pakistan category.

Don't read the reviews. Just read the book. It's that good.

A damn good book, as well as a good history of Zia. Sure it's fiction, but considering how much of Pakistani history is fictionalized, this is as close as you can get. How did Zia die? Put down all those dusty histories and read this to find out!

Highly recommended. Best read after Charlie Wilson's War, which fills on some of the back story on all the American/Afghan intrigues hinted on in the book.

It's not often a author gets added to my "Must read all his books" list - looking forward to his next one!

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Theres a reading session of this book by the author tomorrow (Monday) at LUMS

You are right, it's that good, I myself read and recommended on my blog. Can't wait to see what M. Hanif comes up with next.

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