Headline of the week: I’m not ready to be useless vegetable – Musharraf

The first stage is always denial.

bq. President says he will not dissolve Parliament, is not *’an unbalanced person’*

It’s always good to know that the President is not an unbalanced person, let alone a useless vegetable. “#”:http://dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=2008\06\08\story_8-6-2008_pg1_1

The worrying part is that it’s not just the president who’s a useless vegetable, but the entire parliament, the prime minister especially.

While the president goes about on tv declaring his lack of vegetables, the prime minister has come out of the closet and shamelessly parades his vegetable state to anyone who cares – all two of them.

Far up, above all the elected crud hanging around in parliament, Zardari is doing something. The President and the Prime Minister can’t even begin to guess what, let alone this weblog.

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