News of the day: Asif Ali Zardari ‘suffering from severe mental problems’

The UK paper “Telegraph reports”:

bq.. Mr Zardari, co-chair of the Pakistan People’s Party, was diagnosed with a range of psychiatric illnesses, including dementia, major depressive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The illnesses were said to be linked to the fact that he has spent 11 of the past 20 years in Pakistani prisons fighting charges of corruption. He claims to have been tortured during his incarceration.

In March 2007 New York psychiatrist Philip Saltiel found that Mr Zardari’s time in detention left him with severe “emotional instability”, memory loss and concentration problems, according to court documents seen by the Financial Times.

“I do not see any improvement in these issues for at least a year,” he wrote.

p. Neither do we, here in Pakistan. Now the “whole world knows”: what we here in Pakistan have known since the 80’s – that Zardari is insane, and by marriage so was Bhutto.

Now, the whole crazy thing is obviously a naked attempt to wriggle free of some sticky cases, but the thing is, while he is somewhat sane by the standards we judge our mentally challenged politicians by, he (and most of the rest of them) is certainly certifiable by any reasonable standard.

So while people here pooh pah this latest finding, the sad reality is considering his actions over the years, he’s certainly certifiable, if not for regular insanity, than for sheer over the top theft, murder, bribery, blackmail and overall regular madman type behavior, which if it was a movie, people would blast it for being unrealistic.

On the bright side, if our beloved leader is insane, hopefully like Dr. Strangelove he’ll strap himself to a bomb and we’ll be finally rid of him.

Pakistan is following right behind as the US off every cliff, whether arming Islamic militants to the teeth, destroying it’s manufacturing base, or electing madmen as President.

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