How to create a really twisted ruling class, the golf course edition

People are generally good, and it takes quite a bit of effort to turn them into monsters. You have to start at a young age as that’s when people are most impressionable. One method is to send them to a madrassah, where they grow up mentally stunted and fed mental poison for years, with their star pupils turning into suicide bombers and assassins, amongst other achievements.

That’s one type of twisted, but to rule a country, other skills come into play. How do the children of the ruling class turn into monsters, and go on to wreck havoc on the country? Well, they too get trained in the art of becoming a self centered monster at a young age, and though they might not attend madrassa’s, or the school of how to steal more money than your neighbour, but they do have many institutions in their lives to strip them of their humanity. One is the nanny, and omnipresent servants, but thats a story for another day. Today’s story is about teaching children that it’s ok to hurt people.

I had the misfortunate of going to the DHA Golf club in Karachi to meet a friend on the driving range. People of all ages were swinging away, practicing their swings. Nothing wrong with that, but what was truly disgusting was the poor DHA employees collecting golf balls while people were hitting golf balls in their direction.

Some had minimal protection, others were in their work clothes. A golf ball is a deadly weapon – hit at speed it will kill, let alone maim and injure people.

The DHA Golf Club is a extremely wealthy institution, yet where they spend their money really shows the priorities of both the people running the club as well as the members. The driving range employees complained that they had to go out while people were playing as the club didn’t have enough golf balls to last a day. I looked at a couple of lumps on one employee, and he complained that they didn’t have enough protective equipment to go around either. The protective equipment I saw I wouldn’t wear myself.

How do children grow up so bad? One answer is if you have them aim lethal projectiles at poor people and tell them it’s ok, it’s more important your aim gets better than the poor chap collecting balls for you has a injury free life, than…

Words fail me. It’s not ok to aim lethal projectiles at people. It’s even less OK to support and set up a institution which trains children that it’s ok to injure people now and then. I wonder what’s more disgusting – a country where some people blow themselves up or one where you send out people unprotected in the the line of fire without health insurance.

It all makes sense in a twisted way, since the DHA course is run by the army, whose very job it is to hurt people. And damn they make sure that’s what they do, whether it’s in running a golf course or funding the Taliban.

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  1. Army is part of the larger group of us. I see; elite and middle class ladies at their monthly committee party or get together dinner along with their toddlers being handled by 10-12 year old girls, and I say its child labor. Ironically these are the very same ladies running NGO’s like supporting poor and education for poor etc.

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