The VICE guide to Karachi

Added without comment, to be watched later. A scene report from the VICE dudes on the ground. It’s in five parts, all up on youtube and embedded below:

VICE Guide to Karachi: Pakistan’s Most Violent City (Part 1/5)

Vice, true to their name, sticks to all the vices of wherever they go, forgoing everything else, but that said, Karachi is changing from a city with a seamy underbelly to a seamy underbelly with huge slums and a urban jungle of a city hanging on for dear life.

Battle for Lyari (Part 2/5)

Raiding the Taliban (Part 3/5)

Junkies, Scavengers, and Crocodiles (Part 4/5)

Riding with a Killer (Part 5/5)

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