Malik Ishaq meets his maker. Finally.

Malik Ishaq meets his maker. Finally.

One of India and Pakistan’s most wanted terrorists, Malik Ishaq was killed in a police ‘encounter’.

Have to hand it to the police – they accomplished what a decade of military rule couldn’t do under Musharraf, or even when Nawaz essentially gave the Army carte blanch to take on terrorists. For someone who regularly boasted of killing Pakistani’s left right and center, it’s amazing how much support Malik Ishaq kept getting from the Sharif brothers.

Malik Ishaq was going to meet a foul end sooner or later, it’s tragic that despite having him in and out of custody for so many years the Pakistan govt. never thought to hand him over to India. Now that would have been a diplomatic ice breaker extraordinaire.

Some notes:

[1]Yes yes, police killings range from there was a shoot out so its all good to outright murder, but this looks like a rescue attempt gone bad for the bad guys.

[2] If Sri Lanka didn’t have a recent civil war to deal with, Malik Ishaq would be in their top ten terrorist list too for trying to murder their entire cricket team.

[3] Heck he’s even in the US’s most wanted list, but these days that is just about every brown man old enough to be seen on the bombsights of a drone, so being on a US terror list is more of a poor country birthright than anything special these days.

[4] What was the need for Malik Ishaq or anyone else to identify weapons? What kind of a shitty excuse is that to to take him out of jail? Haven’t they heard of pictures? Or wikipedia? Or Google Photos? Can’t the Karachi police request Google or Facebook for a special weapon recognising version of google/fb photos?

[5] Who will that most fervent Pakistani hater, Shahbaz Sharif, who mollycoddled this terrorist for so many years adopt now as his pet killer in residence? Where will the stipend the Punjab government has been paying Malik Ishaq go?

And how is it that after Malik Ishaq tried to kill one brother, Nawaz Sharif, the other brother is paying him a monthly stipend? What kind of unreal movie plot is this anyways? Next there will be lions and tigers involved like this is all some kind of James Bond super villain.. oh wait.. shit.. that explains it…

[6] So this is yet another reason for the US and Iran to hurry up and sign that deal. I mean it has been signed but it hasn’t really been approved by the actual governments of both countries. Not only is Ishaq wanted by the US, he was also wanted by Iran not just for murdering Irani’s every now and then (even Irani’s do that), but because Ishaq was plotting the overthrow of Iran itself. Ishaq hadn’t quite gotten there yet, but like every good villain and/or American Republican, he had ‘overthrow Iran’ on his bucket list.

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