This is where I park all the interesting things I come across on the Internet. Often, I find something which I want to refer back to later, but by that time I can never find it again. Google may be fast approaching deity status, but sites go up and down and what you search for today might not be what you find tomorrow. See some more Reasons for Blogging.

Writing about anything, even if it’s just a few lines, seems to imprint them far more permanently, and makes it easier to recall later on.

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A weblog, or blog, is an ongoing publication of commentary, photos, links, and rants, usually about a specified range of topics, not unlike a public journal. Find out more about what is a Weblog, anyway?

I started my first weblog website back when in the 90's, and made another attempt in June, 2000 - which is still online somewhere on the web even though I tried to delete it. This current one has been online since June, 2003.

Why is the site titled “KO: everyman’s guide to garbology”?
My initials spell KO. For lack of a creative name, (all the good ones are taken), this site is for the time being also titled KO.

gar·bol·o·gy:The study of a society or culture by examining or analyzing its refuse.

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