WinXP Network Tweak

Windows 2000 & XP machines delay as long as 30 seconds when you try to view shared files across a network because Windows is using the extra time to search the remote computer for any Scheduled Tasks. Here’s how to prevent this remote search for Scheduled Tasks: Open up the Registry and go to : […]

Depleted Uranium

It seems the weapons used in Iraq by the US will be killing people long after the war. Common Dreams has a good article about it. The Guardian has a good overview of the whole depleted uranium issue. There is even a campaign against depleted uranium. So it seems all those stores about gulf war […]

Weblogs and Discourse

Oliver Wrede: Weblogs and Discourse Abstract This paper discusses different questions of weblogs in context of higher education. It is focussing on three loosly coupled questions: 1. How can the weblog format improve discourse? 2. How it can weblogs support teaching at universities? 3. What are the insitutional benefits of weblogs in universities? It seems […]