bq. reboot is the annual meetingplace for the digital community in denmark. it’s the annual day we reboot our minds, take a long perspective and reflect on humans and technology, meet old friends and make new friends – and genuinly try to have a good time. We’ve featured more than 25 top-notch speakers from the … Read morereboot6.0

A few scanning tips

This is the most useful basic document I found on scanning and DPI and pixels and all that image related jazz. I now finally understand! The site might be titled “A few scanning tips” but it actually covers the whole enhilada. The purpose is to offer some scanning tips and to explain the basics for … Read moreA few scanning tips

Dave Shea on XHTML

Dave Shea:”The Way Forward”: HTML will die. Today’s internet is obsolete, and anyone still coding in HTML 4 is planning the obsolescence of their own code. The big picture says that if, and this is a big if, but if we can move to an XML based internet, then revisions to markup languages, existing and … Read moreDave Shea on XHTML

Wired Top 40

Wired Magazine has a list of the “top 40 wired companies”: “Meet the masters of innovation, technology, and strategic vision – 40 companies that are reshaping the global economy.” “Google”: of course is number one.

What is a Weblog

A brilliant collection of links on to notable articles on Weblogs. bq. I suspect many of us who write weblogs have attempted to describe what a weblog is to someone who’s never seen one before. I may describe my own as similar to a daily column where I write mostly about web design, technology, and … Read moreWhat is a Weblog

Bestest PhotoBlogs

The best photoblogs which I have come accross so far: * “ChicagoUncommon”: is the most impressive one IMHO. Widely acclaimed as the best photoblog in the blogworld. The layout is brilliant in its simplicity.

SharpMT 1.2

“SharpMT 1.2”: has been “released”: It adds support for text formatting plugins, which is a great addition, and is now heads and shoulders above “w.bloggar”:

Cable Modem Troubleshooting

Cable Modem Troubleshooting Tips is a good site about Cable Modems, and other broadband connections. Everything from the basics to troubleshooting. A good place for learning about the basics of broadband networking. More Sites for Internet tweaking: SpeedGuide TweakXP Internet Tweaks Another good site: “Cable Modems and Wiring Issues FAQ”:

WinXP Network Tweak

Windows 2000 & XP machines delay as long as 30 seconds when you try to view shared files across a network because Windows is using the extra time to search the remote computer for any Scheduled Tasks. Here’s how to prevent this remote search for Scheduled Tasks: Open up the Registry and go to : … Read moreWinXP Network Tweak