Pakistan oil spill update

The Tasman Spirit has finally “broken up”: Predictably, the govt. said once again that the oil spill is not going to threaten the coastal areas. According to the BBC, 12,000 tons have already been spilled. By any standards, that is a huge diasaster, yet somehow the federal govt. keeps putting out statements like: _worst is … Read morePakistan oil spill update

Spill Feared from Grounded Oil Tanker

The “oil tanker has now broken into two”: “India offered to help”:, but so far the Pakistan govt. hasn’t responded. The saddest part of the whole affair is that the Federal govt. said that since the tanker has now sunk the worst is over. Nobody here seems the least bit concerned about the oil spill. … Read moreSpill Feared from Grounded Oil Tanker

Musharraf : Self Styled Saviour Stuck in a Rut

Ever since the elections took place last October, Musharraf has been hobbled. He can no longer do what he pleases since he’s the one who set up the horse and cattle show which we call a govt. More than half of the parliament is dead set against him and wants him to either quit as president or army chief. So Musharraf is in a bit of a quandary, as if he does get rid of one of his uniforms then he in turn can be chucked out himself. If he throws out the current govt. then he’s going to get some really bad press everywhere, which is something he really doesn’t want.

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Bhutto sentenced in Switzerland

The “debate”: in Pakistan about the amount Bhutto and Zardari stole is “officially estimated”: to be well over a billion dollars. A 50K fine each seems ludicrous, and the 2 million figure is just pocket change. Earlier, the Pakistan government had even “hired an American asset recovery company”: to track down the hidden billions. bq.. … Read moreBhutto sentenced in Switzerland

Pakistan first

!! “Dawn”: “*Ardeshir Cowasjee*”:

Of late, following the line set, our politicians have echoed the slogan, ‘Pakistan first’. However, in their case, we can but take this to mean ‘Me first.’

Closer to the ground, and within the space of three days last week, at Lahore and then at Peshawar, President General Pervez Musharraf fulminated, with absolute justification, against the actions and attitudes of the gentlemen graduates of the Muttahida Majlis-i-Amal.

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Floods kill 88 people, maroon 100,000 in Pakistan

If it keeps raining like its been predicted to, half of Sindh will be a diasaster zone. [quote]KARACHI, July 29 (Reuters) – Sweeping floods caused by heavy monsoon rains have killed at least 88 people and stranded more than 100,000 in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province, government officials and the army said on Tuesday. >>[url=]Reuters: Tahir … Read moreFloods kill 88 people, maroon 100,000 in Pakistan

US fears Musharraf-parliament showdown

[quote]WASHINGTON: President General Pervez Musharraf’s continued role as army chief and the status of his constitutional amendments have led to a deadlock that may be headed towards a showdown (as it) has raised critical concerns about the viability of Pakistan’s still fragile democratic institutions; according to a ‘brief’ prepared for Congress by the Congressional Research … Read moreUS fears Musharraf-parliament showdown