International Connectivity Failure

This happens at least once a month. It’s quite sad that the entire country’s bandwidth is on this one cable, which “PTCL”: is unable to maintain properly. The internet was down for the whole day, yet PTCL didn’t see fit to even mention it on their website. All the International Circuits on SEA-ME-WE-3 cable were … Read moreInternational Connectivity Failure

Pakistan tackles web porn

Earlier this year, the authorities blocked more than 1,800 websites, which were described as a “corrupt and evil influence”. “This is a continuing process and we will keep on blocking such sites,” Zahir Mohammad Khan, a senior official at state-run Pakistan Telecommunication told the Reuters news agency. >> “BBC News”: What the BBC is missing … Read morePakistan tackles web porn

Pakistan News Links

* “Chowk”: has been around forever it seems, and is going on stronger than ever. It is chock full of content. A lot of the content is mediocre, but there are many good articles also. * “Pakistan Facts”: is run by a diverse group of individuals from across the world, sharing a common concern regarding … Read morePakistan News Links

Pakistan will have a crisis if poverty persists: NHDR

bq. ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is at a crucial point in its development where it could either face social and economic disaster or make a comprehensive strategy that addresses the problems of the poor, according to the National Human Development Report 2003. >> “Daily Times”: These reports have been coming out for many years now, but this … Read morePakistan will have a crisis if poverty persists: NHDR

When The U.S. Says Jump, It Wants Pakistan To Jump

A good overview of Musharraf’s visit to the boss. Musharraf’s pleas to Bush to help resolve the Kashmir dispute – the world’s most dangerous crisis that risks nuclear war between India and Pakistan – were ignored. “Take your money, go home, arrest more militants, and don’t cause trouble,” was Washington’s sendoff message to the general. … Read moreWhen The U.S. Says Jump, It Wants Pakistan To Jump

4×4 Offroaders Club Karachi

August 17 2003: The 4×4 Offroaders Club Karachi “picture gallery”: design has been changed. There are now over 134 comments and 200 pictures online. The articles site should be up by the end of August. The 4×4 Offroaders Club Karachi “picture gallery”: is now finalized. There are already a hundred pictures online right now, with … Read more4×4 Offroaders Club Karachi

Time Magazine: Karachi

Time magazine has an extermely sobering “article”:,13673,501030616-457408,00.html on Karachi:

bq. Kidnappings, bombings, assassinations, extortion, bribery? Just another week in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest and most populous city.

“Karachi today,” says Tariq Amin, a fashion stylist and prominent social commentator, “is like Chicago in the days of Al Capone mixed in with the Middle Ages.”

You know things are really wrong when Time magazine is writing about them. General Musharaff is none too pleased about it. This article is in many ways better written and covers more ground then almost all of the stuff which I have read in the local magazines and newspapers. A must read to understand where Pakistan is going.

Along with the article is a “Photo Essay: To Live & Die in Karachi”:

Read moreTime Magazine: Karachi

Balochistan, yesterday today and tomorrow

Taimur Mirza sent me this: bq.. Having travelled all over Pakistan, I have finally come to the conclusion that Balochistan is one of the least explored and most fascinating place on the blue planet. An archaeologists paradise, a geologists dream come true, Off-roaders, camping enthusiasts, trekkers, star gazers, nature buffs, desert roamers, history diggers, miners, … Read moreBalochistan, yesterday today and tomorrow