Don’t vote for Hillary, Syrian edition

John Green asks a young Syrian girl if she lost any friends in the war and she starts crying in answer. He feels terrible for asking her the question but says since it’s international women’s day, he wants you to know,

“I want you to know there should be another sister here.”

Most heartbreaking line. Sadly the person directly responsible for starting the Syrian civil war, Kissinger’s favourite politician alive, Hillary Clinton, might get elected and start screwing up women’s lives around the world. Again.

Hillary Clinton is the perfect example of white privilege. Makes speeches so fine about human rights while pushing to bomb countries and arm militant groups around the world and is utterly unable to grasp why there is anything wrong with doing something she would find abhorrent done to her own country.

Lots of people in white world don’t get why Clinton is so bad, since they only care about what she says, not what she does. So here is just one incident which makes Hillary possibly the most despicable American politician alive. (there are many contenders for this title, and no, Trump isn’t anywhere close to the top of the list).

Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State first armed and supported Assad then decided to fund a bunch of militant groups to overthrow Assad. She pushed Obama, the Pentagon and the CIA to continue training and funding militant group after group despite repeated failure, and many many US funded atrocities, and refused all ceasefire offers time after time as she wanted her pet murderers to kill Assad first.

The pet murderers failed time and time again and assembled together in one mass group now called ISIS, who to the end Clinton supported as she was hoping they would kill Assad, and obviously she didn’t give a damn about the millions of Syrians displaced in her attempt to out Kissinger Kissinger.

Clinton is a well know psychopath and still defends her support for the Iraq invasion, so it’s no wonder she is trigger happy for killing people in other countries.

There are now a bunch of leaks from Clinton’s own emails, the Pentagon, the CIA and the Obama administration which makes it clear she was the ring leader for the Syrian disaster and resisted numerous attempts by many in the US government to stop funding terrorists who had started killing civilians for their own reasons, rather than American reasons. Not because Obama or the CIA have anything against killing brown people, they just didn’t see any benefit in arming ISIS to setup their own country.

But Clinton needed a nice solid victorious regime change for her future presidential campaign so on and on she went, even to the extent of bypassing the CIA and directly funding militant groups through the State department and through her pals in the House of Saud. Which is why you today have the spectacle of different militant groups being funded by competing US agencies and their allies.

If this was a movie it would be all unbelievable. Sadly it’s real life and once again a psychopathic former US Secretary of State has way too much influence over American foreign policy. And this time the younger Hitchen’s isn’t around to make the case for sending her to the International War Crimes court.

Of course, the rest of the (white) world jumped in as well. France can never be far behind anywhere where brown people are being killed.

To finish the whole sordid story, after having created a massive civil war and a refugee crisis, the US has left Syria’s neighbours to deal with a massive refugee crisis. And that is American foreign policy in a nutshell.

As of March 2016, out of over 6 million Syrian refugees, the United States has helped 2,819 people displaced by a war very much of American making. But that’s not Clintons fault, that is American exceptionalism and privilege at work which essentially means American’s can’t do no wrong and thus they don’t have to deal with the consequences of their doings.

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