Information poverty

“Google: The right information at the right time in the hands of people has enormous power.”: bq.. Despite hundreds of millions of dollars spent each year on providing basic public services like primary education, health, water, and sanitation to poor communities, poverty in much of Sub-Saharan Africa persists. *Where does this money go, who gets […]

A Slightly Irreverent History of Technology and Markets

“!!”: _How we got here: A Slightly Irreverent History of Technology and Markets_ is a superfast history of capital markets and the computer industry. A free pdf copy is available at “the publishers website”: Most history books push a ton load of facts at you which sometime makes it hard to grasp the bigger picture(s). […]

Announcing the launch of a new website: ‘’: At the moment the only thing there are the ‘tech forums’: which had previously been on ‘this site’: In a nutshell, these forums had grown large enough to justify their own domain name, plus this way more features can be added as needed.

Internet Censorship the Pakistani way

On March 2nd 2006 the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority to block 12 websites. This list was in addition to the hundreds of thousands of websites which Pakistan already blocks. Up till now, most internet users in Pakistan had never really cared to speak up about this censorship, but this new […]

The filtering matrix

bq. Increasingly, states are adopting practices aimed at regulating and controlling the Internet as it passes through their borders. Seeking to assert information sovereignty over their cyber-territory, governments are implementing Internet content filtering technology at the national level. The implementation of national filtering is most often conducted in secrecy and lacks openness, transparency, and accountability. […]

Google Gaggle

‘!!’: And so the mighty ‘fall’: Not with a bang, but hissing silence as their orignal corporate policy takes a deep breath of cold vaccum. Out with the old, in with the new: “We will censor whatever any 2 bit dicatator pays us money for!”. Is Pakistan far behind in getting the Google Musharraf version? […]

Learning About Full-text Search

“Tim Bray”: has written a very interesting “series of essays on the construction, deployment and use of search technology”: [via “Slashdot”:] It’s a good overview of the world of search technology from a developer’s point of view. There’s still a very long way to go before search technology “matures”: Seach engines are already shaping the […]

Is the Internet Your Source of Knowledge?

I’m constantly suprised by people’s misperceptions of the internet in Pakistan. The older generation seems to view it as something incomprehensible, and at the most good for emailing and/or wasting time. The younger generation seems to think that the internet consists solely of chat and Hotmail. I have never come across a teenager using a […]

How Do You Organize Your Data?

Good information architecture is extremely important in today’s world, with tons of stuff literally exploding at everyone, especially people using pc’s a lot. I’ve noticed it also, with people who don’t have some sort of information architecture in place being unable to deal with large information flows therefore they end up spending to much time […]