Trance 2002 Overview has posted a good overview of the best trance music of 2002.

Another year has gone by and loads of things have happened in the trance scene. To remind, rewind and remember, have covered 2002’s fifty prime events in this year’s biggest article Remembering 2002.

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  1. even though this post is old i have to post some of my comments. Junkie XL is really good. i loved their remix of fischerspooner’s “emerge”. armin van buuren tends to repeat himself sometimes. i love bt. their collaboration with tori amos on “blue skies” was mindblowing. (maybe i am exaggerating quite a bit over here). i loved listening to “simply being loved” last year.

    ps. u should write something about house and garage music too.

  2. I just label all the genres as ‘trance’. Can’t anymore differentiate house/garage/whatever genres anylonger. I do plan on making a list of my favourite songs sooner or later.

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