Wired Top 40

Wired Magazine has a list of the “top 40 wired companies”:http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/11.07/40main_pr.html. “Meet the masters of innovation, technology, and strategic vision – 40 companies that are reshaping the global economy.” “Google”:http://www.google.com of course is number one.

2 thoughts on “Wired Top 40”

  1. Well not only google is on top of Wired40, it ranked top in webbys as well. And it was also the only private company on Wired’s top40 companies. And the thought of thousands of techies, non-techies expecting an IPO from google does tickle my mind. Would google be able to demonstrate the most hyped and highly anticipated IPO ever in recent business world or not, the fact remains the popularity rank of google hasn’t got down in any recent times.

    Even though the new interface, functionality and tremendous improvements of Yahoo search are in final stages and much of them are already in work, the early market grab and potential innovation, which google has demonstrated, give them more than 42% of the whole of search world.

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