A canter with the emperor

[quote] The opposition has been counting upon Pervez Musharraf committing a major blunder. Nimble-footed, he has disappointed them for the past three years. It must be terribly frustrating. No wonder, the two fading stars of failed democracy have been shoring up their flagging morale recently by promising themselves an uprising. It is redolent of Lahore coffee house guff of the early fifties when armchair radicals waxed eloquent about the imminence of a revolution.

….Large elements of the elite, listless in the wilderness, are pining away for yet another chance to make a killing. Their ambitions thrive in a cocoon of self-deception, and the world is passing them by.

>>[url=http://www.jang.com.pk/thenews/jul2003-daily/14-07-2003/oped/o5.htm]The News International Pakistan[/url] [/quote]

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