A Geeks Tour Of North America?

[quote]Later this year I’m taking advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to backpack around the U.S. and Canada (Sept 2003 to whenever I have to come home again). Being a lifelong Australian geek (think of Steve Irwin and then stop, because I’m nothing like that and neither is anyone else, Steve Irwin included) I’m desperately curious: what would make it to the travel itinerary of Slashdot’s all-time geek-tour of North America? Think electronics, architecture, astronomy, enlightenment! Think gadgets, bookstores, software, comics, The Library Of Congress, The Smithsonian, Wanting To See Really Amazing Things! Think travelling on a budget, then forget about that if it’s a ‘You Must See This Before You Die’ sort of suggestion. And then stop thinking about these things, and actually tell me!”



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