Democrats step up criticism of Bush on Iraq

Sounds just like hyenas closing in on a wounded animal. After all their mishaps, the Bush administration is finally smelling bad enough that the Democrats can see their constituents retching; so they’re now coming out into the light and openly criticizing the Repuplican government. Well, except for a few courageous exceptions, where the hell were they for the last 3 years? They went along with everything the Bush govt. has come up with, including Iraq and the many attacks on the US constitution. The quote below sums up American politics nicely. There are no ethics involved, no values, no right or wrong, only vulnerabilities which leave an opening enough for the hyenas to attack.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — On Capitol Hill and on the campaign trail, Democrats are stepping up their criticism of President Bush on Iraq, sensing what they believe to be a vulnerability in the administration’s rationale for the war that ousted Saddam Hussein from power.


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