Pakistan pirates hit Harry Potter

bq. Pirated versions of the latest Harry Potter book have appeared on sale in Pakistan – outselling JK Rowling’s official version.

Priced at between 295-495 rupees (�3-5, $5-8.50), they are proving hugely popular in competition with the $29.99 (�18) official version.

Mr Hussain said the popularity of the bootlegged books had decimated demand for the real thing.

“We planned to import around 15,000 to 16,000 copies, but have reduced the order to just 1,000 copies,” he said.

>> “BBC News World Edition”:

He must be joking. Decimated demand? Over 10,000 copies? This statement of “planned to import around 15,000 to 16,000 copies” is just a ploy to get some anti piracy group in the west to sit up and take notice. Not many people in this country will be paying 2000 rs. for a children’s book. Of course they’re going to buy the 195 rs. book, and if that wasn’t available, then no Harry Potter for them. The original book is more than 10 times the price! To put this into perspective, the average wage is around 2 dollars a day.