The Matrix Reloaded

One line review: The trilogy once complete will be a classic and watched in 6 hour sessions in college dorms all over the world.

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bq. ….hundreds (over a thousand) of posts about what people thought of the movie, what people thought the movie was about, and ultimately, who the participants are themselves.

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*Update:* I saw the movie for the second time, in the “IMAX cinema”: While many people were disapointed in it, in the end it is a good film, albeit very different from the first one. The rave scene in it should have been left out, and I think they spent too much time and money on the things like the freeway chase. It does leave you with one of the best cliffhangers ever, with the entire plot wide open. Some people were unhappy with it becasue they said the movie is too ‘unrealistic’. Well that is the point of the matrix! These people are in a virtual world where the laws of physics don’t apply! Not only that, the viewer has to put effort into it to understand what exactly the subplots are, which not many people are willing to do. While not as good as the first, tremondous effort went into the film, and it shows on the screen.

The third part is out now, Matrix Revolutions, but it will be a while before its available in Pakistan.

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