Iraq-US Roundup

The US economy is heading towards the emergency room thanks to good old fashioned “fianancial mismangement”: along with a bit of “Transgenerational Financial Terrorism”:, so Bush in hs infinite wisdom is jumpstarting not the US economy, but is instead “pouring billions into the Iraq economy”: This would/could have been one of the highlights of American foreign policy, but the way the Bush administration is going about “repeating”: “mistakes”: it is sure to alienate just about everybody outside of Crawford, Texas.

Most of the money is going to American companies building military bases/barracks and repairing oil fields. By the time all these bases are built next year and the oil is flowing the American economy will no longer be able to afford spending massive amounts in Iraq. This will however coincide with the same time that oil money is flowing which the US will of course be managing. The lion’s share is going to go towards ‘stabilizing’ the country which of course means funding the US Army’s stay in Iraq. And to think that after 9-11 they could have done so much with all that they had instead of “manufacturing the need to go to a war”: with which they seem “unable to cope with”:

While it may not be so, recent US actions have so angered and put off the rest of the world that many now think that not only is the US “on it’s way out”: but that it’s about time too. Regardless of military and economic superiority, the country that once was literally paradise for billions has now lost all its shine and every day looks more and more shopworn. While the columnists duke it out on the airwaves and print in the land of the free the rest of the world is increasingly “hostile to the US”: Public opinion worldwide is based increasingly by writers/liberals/activists like “Noam Chomsky”: and “Arundhati Roy”:, and even those on the US side take everything the US says with a huge pinch of salt.

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