The Google Vanity Search

Today I checked the great google, and this site is now in the “top 10 results for my initials KO at Google”: However, the strange thing is, I pressed search around 15 times over 10 minutes and the results kept moving from 6 to 8, then off the page then back again.

17/08/2003: It’s now gone all the way up to the second spot!

*September 8, 2003:* It’s now at no. 1! I changed the title of the main page around 3 weeks ago, and google has finally indexed it with the new title. And if you scroll down below, it’s also the no. 1 result for _The Google Vanity Search_. That’s strange. Maybe the results are a bit skewed and soon this site is going to disappear into the pits of googleland, never to be found again.

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