DSL – Let the Game Begin!

_this entry was posted back in 2003, and is now outdated._

Some good news finally! This will be the first affordable faster than modem service once it’s available. Broadband is going to take a few more years, but even 128k-256k links are far better than dialup. Multinet is already providing DSL, but at 14000 Rs. it’s far to much for non business use. WorldCall has started a “cable internet service”:http://www.go4b.net which I’ve been using for the last three months, but their service makes the KESC look good! I’ve written a review of WorldCall’s service, which I’ll post in the next few days. The minute a reputable company like “Cybernet”:http://www.cyber.net.pk starts DSL at reasonable prices I’ll be switching. Hell, I’ll go pay them months in advance to get a faster connection!

bq. PTCL, the owner of the massive copper pairs that run across and under our roads, has “decided to allow”:http://www.ptcl.com.pk/news/aug_29_2003.html all willing (and qualifying) ISPs to offer DSL services to their users. This *is* exciting. Watch out this space for more on this in the next few hours.

>> “Tee Emm’s Window to Pakistan”:http://pakistan.blogspot.com/2003_08_31_pakistan_archive.html#106259279117631085

Like many other things in this country, nothing has happened in the DSL world even after the so called derugulation. All the companies offering DSL are cookie cutters of each other, offering basically the same prices for a ridiculously low amount of bandwidth (5-6GB/month). Hugely disappointing.

h4. DSL Providers in Karachi so far:

* “Multinet”:http://multinet.com.pk/ :: Prices ridiculous, also their website hasn’t been updated for a year.

* “World Online DSL”:http://www.wol.com.pk/dsl.htm :: “Price is ridiculous”:http://www.wol.com.pk/tarrif.htm, just recently started DSL.

* “Dancom”:http://www.dancom.com.pk/ :: Their website is completely unusable, It has enough useless flash/javascript/asp to bring both IE 6 and Opera to a crawl. Many negative points for that, and yes of course, their prices are also completely ridiculous.

* “Supernet”:http://super.net.pk/ :: Their website is another indecipherable maze. I couldn’t find anything on DSL on the website, but they do offer DSL.

* “Micronet Broadband”:http://www.dsl.net.pk/ :: Service only in Islamabad.

Unfortunately, none of them is affordable for home use. Even small business can’t afford the current DSL prices. Its now Feb 2004, and there are still no DSL providers in Karachi at affordable rates. A number of other companies have started up now, but all of them are way overpriced. All of them seem to be aiming for the corporate sector where they can make easy margins. It’ll take a while before they move into the consumer market, possible till 2005-2006.

*Update:* Read “WorldCall: 4 month review”:http://ko.offroadpakistan.com/pakistan/2003_09/worldcall_4_month_review.html :: For those leaving in the areas where WorldCall reaches, it is the only viable option at 1400 Rs for 64K and 2100 for 128K 24-7.

Another option is to have multiple 56K modems in a multilink configuration. There are a number of easy to use linux packages for such a router. Three modems will give better performance than any 128 DSL package currently available in this country. On top of that, it’ll be a lot cheaper, and there are no bandwidth limitations on dialup. Even two modems will be almost as fast as a 128K DSL line from Supernet costing 30K. Hardware modems are now quite cheap, and second hand ones are readily available. The only problem will be finding a computer with more than 2 serial ports. Costwise, it won’t be much, for internet phone calls are charged as one call no matter what the length, and dialup prices are very low now. Any old secondhand PC should do a great job acting as a router, firewall and caching proxy server.

*Update*: See ‘here’:http://spiderisat.blogspot.com/2004/09/new-dsl-service-providers.html for a lot more information on DSL.

*Update:* I’ve signed up for Cybernet’s home DSL service. See ‘here for details’:http://ko.offroadpakistan.com/pakistan/2004_11/cybernet_home_dsl_diary.html.

_*ridiculous:* anything above Rs. 2500/month for 128kb_

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  1. well you can at least give good comments about their bad service if its so. and I, surely ‘d be waiting for your review coz I am going to have broadband later this month when Worldcall approaches our aptts.

    PTCL’s rolling out the DSL plans sounds good and their web site is as rotten as… you name it. let’s deconstruct it (for fun, but the findings wont be baseless anyway). One of the rare guys who put their logo and top bar in Flash intimidating users not being able to click Logo to revert back to their homepage. The weird URL that goes horizontally till http://www.ptcl and then .Com.pk written even weirder vertical style making the top portion, which is usually, highly bogus and un professional. below the logo is written: Connected with the Best>>> animated *die* well first of all why the B is capital as if Best is a company or proper noun lol. Secondly who is connected with the best? the customers of PTCL or PTCL itself? middle portion again holds an abstract animation which is pointless anyway. The worst animation happens at right top portion. A globe showing South western Europe and north africa and Swish-enabled type which is only legible to PTCL’s employees. And what’s the use and purpose of animation here? Does PTCL operates in North Africa or Europe or probably atlantic ocean? lolz.

    Left navigation which is sadly orphaned and it only includes link to Home, though they could have used PTCL home, but it seems fine for now. Below that, a link saying, ” FOR DSL CONNECTION click here”. Am I going to have DSL after clicking that link? is it a news or link to those ISPs who provide DSL? I am perplexed. It could have been “DSL Providers”. Then there should have been more navigation, so after reading the news, I would click anywhere else as well. It wont be obtrusive since one would only stick with middle portion, which is having the content.

    The middle content portion does not specify the date, the worst blunder probably coz its a press release. But knowing well that Time has no value in this country, PTCL didn’t mind skipping it. (Well I won’t give a damn to URL even if it holds the date, I am talkin’ about normal users not myself)The news might be fine, though I just “scanned” the page. There is then a link GO BACKhttp://www.eruditiononline.com would have lots of errors but I do tend to avoid blunders like those mentioned above. And then again, shouldn’t such a big company be held responsible more than myself whose reporting information or publishing “might not” have that big impact than theirs?

    I do and don’t agree with — who is happy that at least Jang and Dawn are putting up content – no matter how. These are not “one man’s show” or some meek, weak, myopic kids –,that they should have such lame reasons. They can invest beyond any ordinary man’s imagination. hmmmm lamers or Pakistanis, i don’t mind either of the label.


  2. i am shocked with the dsl modem charges by vrious providersbetween 12-20K nonsense? dosent cost more then 50-100$ and dsl modem instalation charges? what is dsl modem instalation? u hookup the power cable phone cable and RJ45

    would it cost 5000 rps to hook each cable and 15K to ookup all three?

    damn looting ppl? and look at thespeed they offering 64K CIR for 18K means 300$ you can get a T1 for this price, or lets say 5 meg adsl for 40$ around 2400pak rps!

    why ripinf off ppl?

  3. The ususal story they give is Pakistan’s high bandwidth charges yada yada – but now there are companies offering 128k under 2500Rs/month in Karachi/Lahore. So at the present time all these companies are sitting there with their handful of customers each with big fat margins… none seem to be going for the many customers+low margins=much larger profits.

  4. Don’t you really think it ridiculous that your own internet backbone connector/provider PTCL hasn’t yet started the DSL itself??

    The prices here are not not only ridiculous but ludicrous and preposterous.

    Notwithstanding the cheaper bandwidth in UK, the prices there (27 Pounds per month for 512K dedicated bandwidth for DSL by BTCellnet) are considered the higher prices.

    When things are going to change?

  5. Hey KO,

    Dude Cyber Net has already Started DSL.. 1500 for a 64K and 2270 for a 128K time to switch networks.. Scr*w World Call.. BUT DSL is only enabled in limited area so you need to check up if PTCL has enabled your local exchange. One drawback these guys are giving out USB DSL modems.. that’s shit.. couz if you want to use it with a Linksys/Netgear Router you cant. Routers are the way forward… I got this device called a CISCO ATA 186.. where you can configure it to have a Washington number so if any one wants to call u guys from America just give them that number and will start ringing on that machine. For that i need a 128K connection for smooth talking. Dad will like that. olla abid.. me of take care!!!

  6. I need the information regarding DSL provider in Karachi for home use including prices for uploand speed of atleast 256K and dowload speed of 1.5 meg. Please e mail me if you know the prices or provider. I e mail cybernet and hrinet no reply to my e mail.

  7. I need informatiom about DSL provider in:

    Position 1 Kot Abdul Malik Near Lahore

    Position 2 Sheilhupura Bypass Near Sheikhupura KM 34 form Lahore

    Position 3 Feroze Wattwon KM 55 from Lahore

    Position 4 Shahkot KM 86 form Lahore

    Position 5 Gutwala KM 112 from Lahore

    Please inform if can provide connectivity according to ur earliest.

  8. I have just got worldcalls cable net but dunno how to activate it. Can u pls post a reply on how to activate my cablenet connection using a LAN card.

  9. What is the difference between a broadband cable network and a DSL service. Which one would you recommend. The little I know, the charges of both are very high, particularly for home users Rs 1500 per month! Should I stick to my dial-up service or get DSL or broadband cable network?

  10. well man u wrote something about hooking 2 or 3 modems and using some linux progz to get a decent speed … man can u explain it further … i mean what all things to be precise one will be needing to this cheapr way of gud speed … and suggest me the best ispz dialup/dsl for mass downloading …

  11. hello,

    Please guide me.That how much cost is require for dsl in lahore.

    I really want a low price good speed net.

  12. Man these internet DSL ( broadband ) providers r killing our pockets ass holes sorry 4 my rude words but i cant control my feelings in UK i had a T1 for 30 Pounds but when i came to Pakistan i had to deal with shit Dialup the compnay WOL and Brain Offered 17 pounds & 20 pounds accordingly for shit 56 K dialup man the speed sucks 4kb / 2kb OMG was i born to c this ? they want us to pay 50 Pounds a month 4 128 K DSL and 20 KB Download speed and traffic is also limited 1GB gosh wat the hell is this crap damn i wish to go back to UK but i m stuck here some 1 plz sue these companies or find me an alternate way to stick to a cheap broadband connection coz they even charging high amount of money 4 DSL modems too, this is so shit i miss my T1 God come 1 plz email me a nice way to get rid of high price broadband suppliers n tell me how can i get a cheap broadband internet DSL or ISDN in Lahore.

  13. i can say anithin..coz itz to expensive and bad customer relationship…coz these fuckin ass holo doin a bad job…they start but they gat not a good response coz they will charge a high charges as compared to the SETCOM …loz

  14. I need the information regarding DSL provider in Lahore for home use including prices for uploand speed of atleast 256K and dowload speed of 1.5 meg. Please e mail me if you know the prices or provider.i am waiting for manay months but not gettign satisfactory answer from authorities

    we r connected with badamibhag exchange

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