KPT sues PNSC sues MT Tasman Spirit

It’s a fine mess they’re getting into…

bq. Port authorities on Monday brought a suit against the Pakistan National Shipping Corporation claiming damages of up to $1 billion while the PNSC has in turn sued the vessel’s owner.

>> “Dawn”:

Since the PNSC leased the tanker, they are legally responsible for the oil spill. If this tanker belonged to a reputable company they might have gotten some money, but it seems highly unlikely. Even Ahmed Ali admits: _”We are drawn into a long, technical and legal battle”_.

*Update:* Dawn has an article about “recovering losses from oil spill”:

7 thoughts on “KPT sues PNSC sues MT Tasman Spirit”

  1. lolz@Paki authorities. I just wish the table be turned on to them now and so shall it be. But knowing it well, I fear they would keep their arses off of it after few days… seems like the distraction factor’s raging. However, if they remain consistent (which, to them, is sure silly word) on asking “so called” damages, we’re gonna see them screwd undoubtedly.

  2. Perhaps the world doesnot know that it is corruption, nepotism and admirals having no knowlege on shipping has destroyed our shipping

    M.T Golden Gate, a tanker vessel of the same owner strike fishing wreck in the port whereby 1300 tons of oil leaked in the port on 14th August 2002. Port has imposed no penalty, no damaged claimed, no enquiry made

  3. Pakistan not being the member of International Oil Pollution Fund and the claim of salvage and oil refinary being more than the amount that PNI Club may pay, nothing is left for the Karachi Port Trust and the people who suffer

  4. It is irrelavent to play the blame game. Who is to blame should be left to the Admiralty Court of justice to decide. What is more important is to establish liability, the rest follows. However, while we come to that conclusion the government should realise that this is the 3rd shipping accident in the last 5 years. The improvement of our incompitent port authorities to correspond with such disasters is pivotal. We have a problem, there can be more in the future. We are an intelligent nation lets deliver positive ideas to prevent something of this nature from happening in future. By allowing unnseaworthy vessels like the Tasman Spirit, who have long crossed their seaworthiness, we are jeopardising our future investments in this nation.

  5. It’s not irrelevant to play the blame game, as it needs to be established exactly who was responsible for the terrible mess that is the KPT and the PNSC. Now, this being Pakistan, it seems practically all the higher authorities hold some partial responsibility for overlooking the rampant corruption and mismangement. Sadly, this is true for almost all governmental organizations. They have arrested the tanker crew, but its the head’s of KPT and PNSC which should be investigated. Herald and Newsline both said that a number of personnel there belong behind bars.

  6. some people blame the government, some blame KPT, while some blame PNSC, although i believe the authorities were not very vigillant, but i personally think that they took the correct step of tugging the tanker from 3 boats, if the vessel was a newer one, it wouldn’t have got wrecked.

    Now this is the governments duty to look after the case filed, hire the best available lawyers and then monitor the proceeding. Where the response to the spill comes, there u can blame the authorities, as they were too slow to react. moreover i wonder how much of the amount spent for curexit (the chemical) was given to the selling company.

  7. this is a matter of great concern as pnsc and port trust is and was governed by totally ignorant admirals of navy who have no knowledge of running merchant fleet and this is the main reason of such mishaps.

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