Asian Weblog Awards

It’s the end of the year, and numerous lists are being drawn up all over the world. This year, the first ever “Asia Weblog Awards”: is taking place at a weblog near you. I first found out about it when someone voted my weblog for “Best Pakistani Blog”:, so thanks to whoever that was. I ended up casting only two votes, one for “this blog”: as the best Pakistani blog, and the other one for “Baghdad Burning”: as the best Iraqi blog. The best part about these listings is all the interesting blogs they point to which otherwise I’d never have come across.

There’s also an “interesting post”: about what exactly is an Asian blog. I had grappled with this issue “earlier”: as to what exactly a Pakistani blog is for my “listing of Pakistani blogs”: and the answer is the same:

bq. an Asian blog is a blog which has some tangible connection to Asia.

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