Noori: Suno Kay Main Hoon Jawan

I had given up on Pakistani music the last few years. There was still Junoon hanging out somewhere over the horizon, and a few others, but nothing else. All the local pop/wanna-be rock music sounded exactly like what it was/is: overcommercialised rubbish. Then along came Noori:

bq. Noori are a beacon of originality in a tiresome pop infested sea of urban-folk dross. “Suno Kay Main Hoon Jawan” is a wild and tender, eclectic, inventive, richly realised debut of aspiring proportions.

>> “Pakistani Rock Music Directory 2003”:

Some people have called them Pakistan’s first alternative band. While their music is not quite ‘alternative’ as per Western bands, by Pakistani standards it certainly is. Junoon is the indisputable ‘top’ band of Pakistan, but if Noori can crank out even two more albums which are as good I’d rate them up there with Junoon.

Practically “all their songs”: are somewhere on the internet, and there are a number of active Noori “commnities”: One of their best songs Gawalmandi Ke Siri Payai, is not on their debut album, but it can be “downloaded”:

The “official Noori site”: is under development and has an active “forum”: It’s been two years not and there’s still no sign of their second album, although they are working on it.

*Update:* There are rumours that Noori are coming out with a second album. So in anticipation, comments are closed on this entry. _(they will be open on the review of the second album)_

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183 thoughts on “Noori: Suno Kay Main Hoon Jawan”

  1. I used to like Noori until one day I heard one of their songs and I realized that the music and the flow was an EXACT replica of another English song. And I have noticed it in about a couple of their songs till now. So now I just think they are good at remixes rather than good at music.

  2. Originality in music is not black and white, its many shades of gray. It’s been said that the last original guitarist was Jimi Hendrix, and all the rest are following his lead… and he himself was building on the work of others. Noori might have copied a song or two, but just about every artist does that, at least they had the sense to knock off a good song. If you ever see them live, you’ll realize that they *are* very talented. I just hope they don’t succumb to the usual Pakistani celeberity hangups.

  3. Quite true kos. Noori is definitely very talented, even though I hated their album initially, I am developing a whole new liking for the kindof music it offers. The next albums will be a bit more heavy in term ideas and sound.

    Btw, Gawalmandi is not a Noori song, it was sung by Ali Hamza, [member of the band] during his student life at LUMS.

  4. Jalal, which song are you talking about that you say Noori’s is an exact replica of? There has been a lot of speculation about rip-offs and copies but with Noori, all of the accusations have been unfounded. Some things certainly do sounds alike but there can only be so much originality, everything sounds like something. It does not mean that Noori has copied anything. Ali Noor and his brother composed these songs years and years ago, these are original compositions. Nowadays everyone calls everything a “rip-off” without even listening carefully. Just because something sounds similar doesn’t make it a rip.

  5. aggggh not another “i love noori” fan. i cant stand noori at all. they arent orignal. they need an idiot’s guide to music to make things work. i cant stand that ali noor with his stupid grin. he gives music a bad name. anyway i think the music scene in Pakistan is awful. i dont want to listen to the crap they produce nowadays. i cant stand those pretentious musicians and the moronic indus music. no orignality. all rip offs. i hate noori.

  6. so u mean to say that noori is orignal and some western artiste copied them. thats what you insinuate. ali noor has copied the style of a lot of artists. these artists arent mainsteam so its easier for them to “borrow” or get inspired.i guess fiona apple must be seething rite now. anyway his music isnt orignal at all.there is nothing we can do about it. thank God i choose not to listen to it.

  7. “NOORI”

    the actual thing about it is that it is really matter whatever is said about this band,i believe that this is one band which can surely defeat the music world.the way u ppl sing is so cool that one can never get bored no matter what sort of problems he might be having .

    keep up the good work

  8. oh come on folks! for once can we put away with these ripoff chants and actually appreciate the change noori has brought to the pakistani music industry. they’ve merged the pop we love so much with rock; and the mixture is amazing! [eP]and Fuzon may offer you something different but Noori by virtue of having music which is familiar but still light years ahead of the local scene are here to stay.

  9. Umair, I pretty much agree with you. [eP], Fuzion and others are good, but none of them seem to be anything special, despite a few really good songs. Noori is the first Pakistani band in a long while to strike me as something special – and it’s been a long wait since Junoon!

    Shob, if you don’t listen to the local music, how can you critique it? If you start off with such a negative approach to it you’re bound not to like it. Whatever you think of Noori, if you can write of the entire Pakistani music scene as awful, then all I can say is that at least there is always Britney Spears and the Backstreet Bays for you.

  10. i never heard of noori until the 5th when i went to see them perform live in islamabad at the defence club for a charity concert. They are great, I went in without any preconceived opinions and all i can say was that their music was totally amazing. Even though I didn’t know any of the songs, I had a great time, we met the band afterwards and they were extremely friendly and down to earth. I’m from Canada, I am a huge fan of ep, and I think noori come in a close second.

  11. Noori rulz! the best rock band!

    the english rap in ep’s songs sounds so artifical!

    noori rox for sure! Ali Noor simply great!

    go noori

    maza aara hai?

  12. nooorii suree rockksss!!!

    guys have you checked out their official website??? it was launched a week ago (… its so awesome… specially the discussion forum… we can learn so much about noori there!!

  13. Im in Dubai and i just got back home from Noori’s 1st ever concert out of Pakistan. Ppl, even Junoon’s never performed all their songs LIVE and THIS well. I got to watch them from the front row. All band members were SO into their music. I liked Noori b4 but after this concert…i AM a fan. Ok so they might take music, wring it around to fit their lyrics…so WAT! U enjoy BOLLYWOOD stuff, dont u? (hypocrites…) *eye roll* Noori, if ur reading this…guys, keep making albums as good as ur 1st one…ur gonna go a loooooooong way! (Ali Noor, ur an awesome head banger…wanna try with me?) 🙂

  14. i think ep is the best band comin from the paki land….much better then POPPISH noori……u guyz r talkin about rap……its only in some of their songs….overall all the tracks rock…..esp fitrat, rahguzar and barzakh

  15. i see what about noori is just energy.this band is for young generation and this tells you the youth of pakistan.i like other bands but noori is the top one.

  16. noori ur da best band in da whole world ever heard of. i’m a crazy fan of ur’s. u guys have done a gr8 job. keep it up. love u guys!!!!!LOVE U DA MOST ALI NOOR LOVE U!!!!!!




    _________n o o r i_________

    specially by the milking voice of ALI NOOR


  18. well i love tht song NOORI rocks the world they know wat the youth want..they r perfect rox band ever n iam the NOORI’S FAN NO 1 in the whole world 🙂


  19. HI noori u r the best in this hole world i really like ur song i like ur song tum hussna aur all song and i really like u

    ur the perfect rock band


    god bless u

  20. I just have to say that noori is definetly a turning point for the Pakistani music industry but then again… you cant listen to hyper-pop-happy-cheery songs all the time. You need songs that will fulfill all your emotions. Noori is a good band and they have a lot of potential, but when they say that they are rock, thats just wrong! any ways bout the 2nd album… ali noor’s been sayin that its dark and more metal! that is so BS!!! Those boys dont know what metal is. I live 2 miles away from where Nirvana started and they come here occasionally! SO I know this stuff. I just have one problem with ALi Noor! WHy does all the credit go to him? I mean isnt he hogging all the credit that should go to hamza, gumby and ali J. I mean that man should leave some credit for them.PLEASE! Well… thats it folks! Noori’s crucial to pakistan yet theyre not doing a total 360!

  21. all y’all are crazy bout Noori! Its crazy and the worst part is that u guys are actin like that movie ” josie & the Pussy cats”

  22. hey guys.. i juss wanted to say that i’m a Bangladeshi and I LOVE NOORI!! their music is awesome!

  23. hey guys.. i juss wanted to say that i’m a Bangladeshi and I LOVE NOORI!! Their music has reached B’desh and they actually have fans here. their music is awesome not to mention their vocals! I just have 1 request- PLS COME 2 B’DESH an have a concert here!!

  24. I heard noori yes they are really wonderful.i have a message for noori “your songs are message for pakistani youth.noori please do some thing for pakistan, pakistan needs people like you.You are stars but you can become star of the nation by doing so”

  25. Hi I’m from Bangladesh.

    I love ‘Mujhay Roko’. Noori rocks!!! Its better than Junoon or any other Pakistani band.

    I hope they come to Bangladesh!!!

  26. noori,what a gr8 band.noori if u read this message then do me a favour plzzzzzzz organize a concert in lahore. i’ve heard to many pakistani bands but u r the best.u really inspired me n when i grow up i’ll become a singer.ALI NOOR N ALIHAMZA i think that iam a great big fan of urs.ppl think that jal is on the top of the line but don’t worry cuz i think u r the best.i keep watching indus music n the music waiting for u guyz.i’ve got my haircut like alinoor n my glases to.I LOVE NOORI ESPECIALLY ALINOOR N ALIHAMZA.

  27. i just want 2 say that noori is a best group and they guys r doin a gr8 job….. and my favourite song is manwa ray…

    best wishes

  28. i am the craziest noori fan on this planet..i have met them so many times n now they even know me…:)

  29. hi,

    Its sidra here from karachi. iam really a big fan of Ali Noor and Ali Hamza. I really appreciate there efforts. I really like noori’s gunna no:1. Noori really rocks.

  30. Are y’all crazy? I mean Noori isnt all that… Sure their songs are good but celebrities need to look good too. When I look at Ali Noor, I see a mop with arms and legs. He has NO fashion sense. Its the same with Ali Hamza because he idiolizez his older bro. Gumby is the token christian guy who is tryin to fit in cause he is different than the whole group. The only guy who looks good is Ali J. I mean atleast he has a clean cut hair style. They all need help from the fashion police. After all… You dont see Brad Pitt lookin ugly or the back street boys or maroon5! I mean if u want long hair… atleast keep it clean and looking like a hairstyle. not a MOP!

  31. I have another problem with “NOORI”. The prob is that why is it called NOORI???? I mean does ali noor want all the credit??? Their are 3 ali’s and a gumby in the band, if ali noor wasnt a big fat hog then they could’hv gotten a better name. Worst case scenario~ they could have named it “3 ali’s n gumby”

  32. Hello i am Samrah from Karachi.Rock band doesn’t means having long hair. Ali noor sings well but i am tired of listening to his album. the man called Gumby in his band is a jerk a fool. Seeing Ali Noor and Ali Hamza he has also grown long hair and cause he has a short height long hair dont suit on him. And Ali Hamza why is her jelous of his brother Ali Noor? and Ali Noor why is he out of fashion plus gumby he is a jerk. only Ali Jafri looks like a human.after alll these bad comments let me tell you about some positive things about Noori they are hard working they sing good and they always have a new kind of music. They ‘ROCK’.

  33. Hey everyone. I haven’t read the comments above properly, but somehow I found this forum when I searched for Noori so I wanted to say a few words. Man, Noori rocks. I loved their song “ho manware” That song is simply superb. I couldn’t get the song when I needed it but finally I got it. I’m too happy to have this song. Noori Rulz.

  34. who said noori was a rock band??? its so not! it s punk rock! big difference! its like calling sum41 or blink182 a rock band! please ppl! know ur music then CRITICIZE!

  35. hey toto don u hav anyother work to do …otherthan just talkin rubbish abt noori…

    i think NOORI is awesome…

    their songs r so meaning full….

    and yea …i think u shouldnt critisize on someonez look or fashion………….coz its their life…..if they want to live lik that wats ur dam prob haan…………

    NOORI iz the best band of pak………

    MIND IT…..



  36. So some one finnaly had the courage to diss me! great! You know, people like saba are people who are sucked in to what I like to call NOORI-ISM! Its whenr someone is crazy about noori!Please Saba… Noori’s go flaws! BIG ones! you are too dumb to figure them out! You actually remind me of a preteen who worships celebrities!

    Noori songs are meaning ful? Hell no!What songs are you listening to? please! they sing la la la la la in most of their songs! ie Gana #1! Those are basically their lyrics! Have u ever heard ahmed jehanzeb’s song ansoo??? now that is meaningful! or jal’s dill harray??? Those songs actually are meaningful and creative!

    Now for the problem saba has on “dont critisize” You know they look bad and if they decided to become famous, then they all should have looked in the mirror and made adjustments! i am just saying that celebs need to look good cause the normal people idiolize them! you knowthat, i know that, the world knows that!

    Oh! and saba, damn is not spelled like DAM! its DAMN!

  37. Ali Noor is a smart guy. Three things why he is rated very highly

    1)He is young

    2)He is good looking

    3)He is smart.

    There are going to be a lot of critics for his music, but i personally think he’s a genius.

  38. hello evarybody

    its cool talkin abt noori!

    they r good their music is good too infact i started like rock music after listening to them! i ve heard somewhere they r not original!but they r original 4me coz i ve never heard that sort of music.but i think they shd try 2 b original it `ll good for them coz every1 here is not like me there r so many ppl like toto here:)hai naa

    jal is gr8 too but whenever i heard to noori it sounds like melodious rock!!!!!!!!! MELODIOUS ROCK isn`t it amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  39. you know what, Nusrat is right! there are a lot of people like me! and… every one’s not gonna like noori! Sometimes they are not original. One of their songs, I dont remember which one, has the same guitaring like one of the songs from a band called “CREED” They’re American! Ali Noor thinks he can pull it off! Nah! People like me live every where

  40. i want to say something about noori that the band call noori is because of their mom.ali noor and ali hamza love their mom and for your poor information their mother’s name is NOOR ZEHRA so thats why the band is call noori.

    their songs are really nice and cradit goes TO noori because they have talent and most of you who critisize on them i want to say that keh “KHAMIAN woh nikalta hai jisay khud bohot kuch ata ho” so if you also have some talent than do something different and then say that noori is this and noori is that.

    and the last thing is that if YOU dont like noori than everyone who like noori wouldnt say anything rude about noori.and ahmed jehanzeb’s Ansoo and Jal’s Dilharey are lovesongs and they are not meaningful.

  41. Ok… 1st of all, Love songs ARE meaningful! I mean they’hv been around since music was created! So just dont write that BS! Ok?! and the other thing is… The band is made up of 2 bros and a cousin and another guy! So… what do u think the other 2 guys think about the name!!??? obviously they love their moms too… so why isnt the band called after their moms! makes u wonder… doesnt it!???

  42. well u no wat every 1 have their own choices u just cant impose on sum1.can even a noori fan infact a die hard 1.

  43. HEY MR.TOTO .



    ________ N O O R I _________


  44. this is 4 toto n all those ppl who hate NOORI esp.GUMBY.such bigots like toto samrah anis r da biggest jerks themselves.GUMBY is da best drummer i’ve come across.v r lucky 2 have such a gr8 band in pakistan.ALI NOOR’S dressing is da coolest n geeks like toto can never have such an excellent dress sense.those ppl who dont like NOORI r actually jealous of ’em.n if u dont like NOORI then why do u spend your time talking RUBBISH bout ’em .NOORI HATERS “TUJHE BANNA HAI INSAAN”


  45. hi NOORRRRRRRIIIIIII !!!!!!!!i guess u r the best band in PAK………but u have to continue ur efforts to let down ur opponents like TOTO …..i guess NOORI has f**ked her *****……NOORI keet it up………………ur sister SANA;)

  46. umair savul n sana r da BEST!!!!!!!

    Keep it up guyz!!!!!!!

    NOORI IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NOORI REALLY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Ok… SO I dont hate Noori! I just think realisticly about the 2 other guys. I put these comments in here because I am learning to be a critic and so I have to start doing these kind of things. Every one’s not gonna like Noori. I am one of those people who dont. Please dont take it as an insult. I am just not into this kind of music. I am more accoustic than electric! SO Jal is the band for me! I am really hurt that some of you would write cuss words here. We, as in the youth of pakistan shouldnt use these ugly words and I am hurt that some of you people write them. DOnt you know better than that? mulims arent supposed to do that! I think even Noori would be ashamed that the people who are their biggest fans cuss. its horrible. I love gumby just so some people know! I love that drums and I play a little too and I am so proud of him because he is so good.

  48. I am just so hurt that ppl are writing cuss words here because as muslims we are not supposed to. and i think noori would be really hurt too that theri biggest fans cuss. I write here because I am studying to be a critic. I need practice. Not eveery one’s gonna like noori. its true. and i am one of those ppl! I love Gumby! I think its so cool that we actually have ppl in pakistan who can play like crazy. So just so yall know, I am not evil and I am really hurt that people cussed bacuse that is just wrong.





  50. 1st of all i’ll thank my sis ALINA for her encouragement andthinking mebest.After that i’ll wish ALI NOOR b’lated HAPPY BIRtHDAY….

    u ppl must listen the new song by ali noor. its based upon pak-india relations…..its a nice 1track.

  51. !___N O O R I___ !

    which enlights the whole world.

    ALINA ur articles show thathow much u love NOORI and specially ALI NOOR.

  52. hello noori when ur next album is going 2 come?

    do any one know plz tell me on this id “koolehsanxpa”

  53. hello every one i am a die heart noori fan.there nxt album is gojng to release after muharram INSHALLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LUV U NOORI!!!!!!

  54. i am a biggest fan of noori…oh my gosh!!!when i heard dat ali noor’s gonna marry with her cousin,i was about 2 weeeeeep…..

    i love ali noor more than myself….i m fond of listening him,,,he’s really a gr88 man.””ali””i really want 2 meet u but don’t know how can i??and now it is the time 2 wish u yaaaar…many many happy b’lated birthday..

    dear!!!i can’t express my views dat how much feeeelings i have for noori especially 4 ali noor…

    will u invite me on ur marriage party???

    from ur greatest fan!!!!!

  55. hi everyone once again…..

    ali noooor my favourite !!!!if u read my previos comments,surely;;;u can understand dat how big fan i m of u,,,,now it is the time 4 aftari so i have 2 go….

    love from ur fan no 1…


  56. hi aLina and umair savuL n many more….i m very surprised yaar with the answers u gave 2 mr.ToTo

    u kya???i m also dead sure dat ToTo is really jealous of noori…u both r brilliant guys….sheh!!!!i can surely say dat ToTo is so proudy n if he is not so y he is using so rude sentences about “”noori”” n it is also rite dat every1 has his own choices n we can’t blame but what rubbish yaaar,,,,they should not blame any1 likings….as we like noori..

    alina!!!r u not feeeling bad hearing abt the marriage of ali noor.haan!!!i must chear up and must si ng”””mere yaar ki shaadi hai”””…

  57. hi sarah tanvir!! koi baat nahi, hosla rakho.dekho yaar ALINOOR KI KHUSHI MEIN TUMHARI KHUSHI HONI CHAHIYE.jaisay k ALINOOR ki khushi mein meri khushi hai.”CHILLOUT YAAR” BE COOL

  58. hi dear computer friend alina!!!

    tum ki comments parh kar bohat maza aaya,really!!

    yeh tumhara mujh par biggest ehsaan ho ga …. dear yaar my pyaar!!!mein noori ki c.d buy karna cahti hoon kya tum mujh ko bata sakti ho ke mein noori ki c.d kahan se khareedoon????

    it would be a great pleasure 4 me,,,,

    by the way i m 4om guj…wala….aap kahan se ho?????

    aur gumby ke baare mein kya khyaaal hai????

    plz batana mein tarap tarap kar intazaar karoon gi….pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez….

  59. hi sarah r ya?i am frm lucky because NOORI are also frm lhr;)mein toh noori ki cds kharidti rehti houn aur abhi tak NOORI ki six cds chala ker ghisa chuki houn.u can get the cd frm any cool shop of cds cuz NOORI are the coolest themselves.

    NOORI ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

  60. hi alina!!!kya mujhe noori ki c.d feroz sons se mil jaye gi???yaar i have got a very big problem,,,i really hope dat u will bear me out in this matter!!!!yaar mere kuch friends i ko noori ke naam se cherete hain aur mere cousin guddu aur jamshed bhai bhi….woh kehte hain ke ali noor is fat and saare ganoon ki tune aik jaisi hai unke…..tum mujh ko batao ke mein un ko noori ke deewane kaise banaoon???

    aur noori such much lahore mein rehte hain!!!

    by the way how old are u….and i read mags which include smash and mag….can u tell me the name of another cool mag which includes a lot of information about pakistani bands!!!!!

  61. hi sara tanvir!definitely NOORI humare msgs perte houn ge .apne cuzins se kaho k agar unko NOORI nahi ache lagte toh unki bohot MAATHI choice hai unko rock songs ki koi sense nahi.lhr is their home town but they live in karachi the way i am 16.waise instep(THE NEWS)n YOUNG TIMES mein bands ki info ati hai.bye for now.

  62. ali noor good and i no hes an uncle of someone in my class.ali noor if ur reading this ask ur nephew or niece

  63. dear alina!!!!

    thanks so so much 4 d namz of magz!!!!by the way mein abhi forran apne cznz ko mail karti hoon aur unki akkal thikane lagati hoon>>>

  64. salam…everyone.

    well after a very long time since nazia and zoheb and vital has finally got to hear quality music from [eP], personally i was never a rock music fan, Bryan Adams and Richard Marx are basically my favorites but [eP] is one such band that really puts meaning into their music.their songs make you wonder where you are standing in your own life…although i must admit that they are a bit on the dark side…showing all the grim realities of life with no editing…their track Irtiqa-III especially, is mind blowing!! Thumbs up to this group of real talented men!!!

    Noori,(no offence to any one)on the other hand is so unoriginal…their songs are meaningless & leave you with nothing but noise in your head, they basically make the adrenaline rush in you, and that is it! especially their song “dil ki qasam”, is so completely irrational…vowing to change the world and touch the sky…by what???

    –Pumping up the young crowd and waving your hair…dream on buddy, dream on…

  65. amna!!!!waving the head is just a fasion,now a dayz….and for your kind information if you have heard the noori songs,,,,wholeheartedly u will understand dat their songs are queit not meaningless…..i think dat u dont have the sence 2 understand the rock and the pop songs.their everysong leaves a message bhind it……..even i will say dat ali noor is the coolest guy in whoooooooole world…..i really hope dat the ppl who don’t like noori will be so soooooon attracted by the releasing of their new album after muharram…..

    biggest noori fan sarah……….

  66. first of all i would like to say tht sarah tanvir is absolutely right!amna if u dont like NOORI then y do u visit their site and as far as im concerned every hair style suits ALINOOR n imagine ep wth long hair HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u r talkin abt irtiqa 3 have u heard irtiqa 1 its total RUBBISH! is it a song???

    n ep should dream on for ACHA WAQT when NOORI will CONQUER!!!!!


    just 4 taking my side,,,,actually many people are so jealous 4om the popularity of our gr8888est NOORI……


  68. alina!!!!

    my cousins gave me an idea,,,,,why don’t we get e.mail addresses of each other,,,,u can mail me ur address by clicking on my name and them my e.mail address will b infront of u……and then u must mail me ur address….so dat we can easily discuss noooori the gr88 by using so attracted words about them….i give u exemple…… voice in whole world,,,,best singer,,,,and haan i want to ask u a question,,,do u like Raga Boyz?????


  69. hi sara!!ok i’ll get ur e-mail id n i only like one band n its NOORI oh sorry i love them. i love them more then myslf man they r gr8 mana parega n i don’t only like ALINOOR i LOVE the whole band but the two brothers r the best not only cuz of their looks but also cuz of the kind of music they make n their voice AMAZING,GUMBY i think he is the best drummer available in pakistan

  70. hey Alina and Sara ….keep itup and keep on writing these sort of articles.yaaar i need a poster of nooriabnd from where i can get it.?

  71. hi everyone !!!!once again


    these r the ways (some in hundred)in which u can get posters of many bands….especially noori the gr8888….

    1:jaib mein paisa dalo or go to any cooool shop where the cd’s or posters r available…

    2:open the website of noori,,,it cantains a lot t t of posters and wallpapers of noori…then print them…

    3:And this is the cool 1 ,,,which i usually use,,,,send a request 2 print any poster 2 any mindblowing mag like SMASH!!!(my fav)and they will definitely print it if it is availabe….



    WHAT DO U SAY?????????????????


  72. hello miss sara

    i also know these wayz but i have asked from all the big music shops here in peshawar. no one has their oster xcept that of their album

    so……whts up


  73. hi every1.seems gr8 to hear all these good comments abt noori well for all those dieheart noori fans (mostly girls…alina n sara)n this guy umair,u ppl seem to be just toooooooooo much

    well ihad really like to get in touch with u ppl so all of us can have a discussion abt noori sinde im also a dieheart of noori(alinoor)

    so add this id up smoooth_criminal_@hot

  74. hello im back finally ended up wth my exams good news for NOORI’S lahori fans NOORI are back now they r going to live here permanently.LUCKY US!!!

  75. hey can any1 tell me when alinoor is getting married?

    well i hope he never does………

    ur dieheart fan sameeya

  76. well what???????????????noori’s gonna live permenantly in lhr???????????

    well sarah i think thats pretty bad news…..for the ones living in khi

  77. nooori!!!nooori!!!nooori!!!

    wait 4 me!!!

    mein aaaa rahi hooon!!!

    kahin mat jaaana!!!


    tum kahan ho noori!!!

    wait 4 me!!!!


    mujhe shaadi par bulaao ge naa!!!



  78. hello every1:

    ALI NOOR is getting married in December, i dont know whether its true or not but Farhan of Jal band is my relative he has told me.

    ___N O O R I___


  79. hey every1

    well i just wanted to ask sarah if smash has ever given a noori poster or not b’coz its has almost been an year since i have been reading smash n all i could get of noori were 2 pics n the lyrics of suno ke mein hoon tell me if they have printed a poster or not.

    secondly i had like to inquire abt the mail i sent u ……did u check it??well do ans me

    bye for now

  80. hi guyz!!!

    sameeya i have read ur mail…thanks so so much 4 _______…..Smash haven’t printed a noori poster..bcoz none asked 2 do it so…it is really 2 bad….editor is absolutely mad,,,


  81. hello plzzz send me pics of noori as soon as possible.

    u ppl are requested 2 choose vhe title of site among following:

    1. voiceofnoori

    2. noorirox

    3. noorithenoor

    4. nooriland

    5. noorians

  82. hello everyone yarr i was in khi so couldnt contact u all iam sorry.umair i’ll help u out i’ve got 234 pics of noori i”l mail them to u .xyz i would love to contact alinoor.yaar noori tusi cha gaye ho!!!!sarah my exams went really good.

  83. hello NOORI fans yaar im really depressed cuz i heard that NOORI r going to india to shoot the video of naya jahan(NOORI’S new song)with anaoda.if this news is true then NOORI im really going to miss u.pakistan wont be the same without u>

  84. noori!!!!!!!!!!

    don””t go 2 india!!!!!!!!plzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!

    hum aap ke bina kaise reh sakein ge!!!!!!!!!

    Pakistan mein vdz banaao yaar,,,,itne ache cnz milein ge kahaan??????????

  85. hi evry1 once again yaar!!!

    alina dear!!!how r u???im waiting 4 ur mail ya!!!

    coz i wanna discuss a lotttt of things abt noori with u yaaaa!!!!

    apna khayaal rakhna……T.C!!!!


  86. umair bhai!!!

    mere paas bhi noori ki dhair si pics hain,,,agar aap chahte hain to mein aap ko send kar deti hoon!!!!

    wat do ub think so ?????haaaan????

  87. hi sam,eeya!!!

    na koi mail na koi chat wat yaar????

    tum ne jo personal baat mujhe batani thi woh to bhaar mein gaye naa!!!!

  88. HEY EVERY1

    i hope u guys r fine.well sarah im really sorry but my card just got finished n secondly yaar these days im way too busy so….no time to come online.well as for that personal thing ,tell me ur timmings for coming online(this goes for alina n umair aswell)so i ‘ll try coming online then n alina for ur info i m the one who wants to help u guys out “(any1 wants to contact alinoor?)”….so i’ll tell u whatso ever i know

    since i think u added me..

    well changing tracks… u guys have a pic of alinoor with his glasses on?(the rectangular one)well if u do have send me on my id b’coz i have to get glasses like his.another thing is that i need the link to the site .i have tried to open this site a zillion times but all was in vain .well maybe the site is closed or something.well any1 who checks out this site can send me a link on my id

    till then tc


  89. jal noori ke mukable mein kuch nahi,,,but they r also so so so good!!!!!!

    understood u all!!!!!

    noori fan


    fan no 1!!!

  90. hiz…..sarah i also want dat noori pics coz pleeeeez send me at ma id attractive__butterfly@hot..pleeeeez it realy woud b sooooo nice ov ya

  91. hey sarah n alina plzzzzzzzzzzzz send me those noori pics will be very nice of u

    thanks n bye the way check my above message .secondly that personal thing was alinoor’s id.i have it n i think its him only but i dont know for sure.i’ll give u the id when we ‘ll come online sometime

  92. well as goes for the website’s title i think noorians would be good b’coz its gonna be clear that its a fan site

    well what do u think???

  93. hello sara and alina:

    i need pics plzzzz send me as soon as possible. b’coz i wanna start work on web site.

  94. hello every1!!!how r u all.sub se pehle noori ka muqabala koi nahi ker sakta not even jal ep or any other band umair i’ll send u the pics after eid cuz my floppies r with my cuz which contain NOORI’S pics.sameeya i can’t wait to contact NOORI.if u have their contact no# toh itna intazaar kyin karati ho?bad jafri who used to play bass in NOORI has decided to leave the band.


  95. ok well their u go

    well sarah n alina ,i would definitely love to share whatsoever i have bu ofcourse u see that i cant post their add n no i can only give u when i come online the same time as u guys wwould.secondly sarah………if u have given ur password to ur cousin then better change it b’coz he/she appears to be really sick.i was abt to give u the id when i felt that she isnt sarah .well i dont know for sure but that was wat i….time to think !!

    ok so bye

    n sorry i cant give it untill i ‘ll feel its ok with me…..u ….every1

    sorry alina n sarah

  96. sameeya!!!

    m sorry!!!i promise dat i ll chanj my password right now…don’t b angry yaar!!!!

    n now i m sarh here!!!!


  97. noori!!!i just want ur personal i-d,,,,cell ph no////n home address////

    if any1 knows give it 2 me


  98. ok well sarah.i have their address,no,n alinoor’s personal id but what do u think im gonna post it here.ofcourse not.n secondly im really very sorry bu i dont think i’ll be able to give it to u since i had a chat with ur cousin.i m sorry if i said something bad abt it

    n plz dont think that im making it all up.i have actually called noori n …….forget abt what for the id…..i did have a chat with him….its him only



    n im sorry but i cant be giving those at the present moment

  99. ok well sarah i didnt get any mail from u

    i dont know why

    as goes for alinoor’s id ….. i ‘ll see someother time

    tc bye

  100. hi every1!!!!

    NOORI IS THE GR88888888!!!!!

    ALINA how r u yaar!!!

    kitni sadian na jane khaamoshi se yunhi guzarti gayeen!!!

    n u haven’t contact wid me???

    what z this???

  101. yaar sarah i’ll mail u his id as soon as possible

    yaar but u see im not allowed to but still i’ll give u his id but plzzzzzzzz dont give it to any1

    u see i didnt give it to any1 except one or 2 ppl n i expect the same frrom u .the other thing is that alinoor hardly comes online n whenever he does he doesnt say a word .he actually came online thrice n i only had a few worrds with him only once.but i hope u get a chance to have a chat with him

    good luck!!!

  102. hello sameeya plz can i have alinoor’s id as well.Ipromise i wont give it to anyone else.PPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!

  103. hello sameeya plz can i have alinoor’s id as well.I promise i wont give it to anyone else.PPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!

  104. hey eid mubarak to all those noori fans out there

    n most imp eid mubarak to noori.hope u guys have a nice time(though its pretty late…..magar chalta hai)

  105. ok well alina as goes for alinoor’s id ……i have already mailed u …maybe u havent checked ur mails

    do tell me if u have or havent.if not i’ll mail u hos id again(thats not a problem)

  106. sameeya!!!i don’t believe it””ali Noor has accepted me!!!””

    it’s just bcoz of u!!!

    thanx a lot t t !!!

    u r 2222 good!!!

  107. toto!!!mind ur 10 meter long language!!!ok???

    feelin’ jealous naa!!!i know u also want his i.d!

    so plzz shut up!!n get losttt 4 ever!!!

    listen every1 i had a chat wid ali noor 2 day n i have realized dat he cares a lottt abt his fanz!!!

    coooooool naaaaaaa!!!!!!

  108. oh my !!

    sarah u had a chat with him?????i dont believe it

    well do tell me how it went n now…..plz dont give his id to any1

  109. hey every 1 there. NOORI is da BEST .They simply ROCK. SHOB u think noori is not original than u r absolutely wrong.if u don listen 2 pakistani rok songs dan its not our mistake. he is giving a great name to pakistani musik n plz can u tell me whom ali noor had copied. if u don like them so atleast do not say any thing bad abt them ali noor haven’t copied any 1. noori is original was origina n it will remain original atleast they r better dan junoon not better they r da best. dey r giving a great name 2 pakistani musik industry dat’s why they have also performed internationally ,in wasington. no 1 have a style like ali noor have.n u guys who think noori is an exact replica can u ppl tell noori is n exact replica of whom? noori them selves compose all dere songs so dere is no chance of copying. n if u guys dont listen to noori dan u guys r big idiots , stupid n dat means u don know wat rok band is .do u8 guys think english songs have amessage 4 u ppl i don think so but noori do have a message in all their songs so how can u guys say noori has copied or dey r not da original ones.first just listen 2 their songs n den say . if u don listen to noori than how can u guys say noori has copied aur they r an exact replica of? so dont u dare say a word 2 them . NOORI SIMPLY ROCKS .


  110. hey miss sarah

    r u sure that with whom u hav chatted was ali noor , may bhi woh kisi noori fan ka id ho.

    yes its possible

    think upon it……..

  111. ok well umair its definitely obvious that it could be a noori fan .im not sure if its alinoor or not but after taking a lot of things into account i think it’s alinoor only.i know really well that he doesnt reply but if he wasnt alinoor im sure he wouldnt have stayed makes definitely makes

    secondly there r other things aswell but i cant tell u guys here by which i think its alinoor only

  112. hello everyone wats up umair iam so sorry for the delay of the sorry i’ll mail them to u by saturday i promise.umair plz can i have ali noor’s address.yaar im an obsessed noori fan n i promise i wont leak the way have u decided any name for their site?if yes plz do tell well as can i have farhans e-mail id cuz my friend is his craziest fan of farhan and her brthday is on 9th december i want to gift it to would be very nice of u.

  113. hi sarah n sameeya !!yaar tum logoun ne toh mujhe lift kerana hi chor di hai.sameeya by the way may i know ur age n in which city do u live.

  114. alina!!!mein to 1 dum fitt hoon!!!lekin tum ko zaroor kuch ho gaya hai!!! NA KOI MAIL NAA KUCH AUR!!!

    mail me soooooooooooon!!!!!!!!!

  115. hi sarah!!YAAR IM IN BIG TROUBLE MY MAILBOX IS OUT OF ORDER I CANT RECEIVE ANY MAILS NOR CAN I SEND ANY.baat cheet yehin per ho sakti hai.aur congrats yaar ALINOOR ne tum ko add ker liya hai.was it really ALINOOR????

  116. yaaa alina!!!i think so dat he waz really ali noor!ab yahan per kya baat cheet ho sakti hai???lekin u can tell me ur online timingz!!!ok???tell me!!

  117. noori i have bought ur c.d!!!it was really so so kool!!!per 1 proslem hai!!!”video chahiye”

    tell me!!!kahan se loon???i m not going to talk any1 kissi ne mujhe b’day wish nahi kiya!!!

    koi baaaat nahi!!!next time sahi!!!

    dekh lein ge!!!

  118. hello miss sarah

    belated happy birthday to you

    u said kissi ne mujhay birthday wish nahin kiya>….how we could wish you as no 1 knows ur d/o/b.

    well again a very happy belated birthday to you.

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