Website Redesign

Warning: This corner of the web has encountered a temporal anomaly – adjusting style-sheets to compensate. *Alarms*. “Cap’n, it’s not working! The box model hacks are overloading the temporal capacitor’s ability to compensate! They cannae handle it, Cap?n!”

“Get a grip on yourself Scotty! We licked them nested tables and by gosh darn we’ll get them boxes!”

“Goddamin’t Cap’n, why did they have to turn it into some kind of “rocket science”:! I thought this web thingamajig was for the “masses”:!”

“It is, Scotty, it is, it’s just that “some”:# websites are uglier than “others”:”

“Cap’n, I’ve “managed to hack into”: the “evil one’s system”:, but I cannae make head or tails out of it!”

“Scotty”…. bzzzt. Carrier failed.

*Caution:* Redesign in Progress – Links might Fail.

p(posted). “testing 1”: “testing 2”:

*Update:* Sidebar on left or right? left or right? decisions decisions…

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