Blogging in Khi

One of the lesser dangers of having a weblog in this country:

bq. Message: hellow dear A.A

I WANT a new computer . p4

please send me priceses of p4 brinded & non brinded

only cpu prices

thanks ( cpu p4 with out modem)

Suprisingly, I get tons of such junk from this website, though almost all of them are now diverted/blocked by various spam filters. So for any future emailers, the going rate for the above is *one beeellliiiion rupeeeeees.* I’ll even throw in the modem for free!

There is other, more offensive stuff also sometimes, but mostly misguided people.

14 thoughts on “Blogging in Khi”

  1. Running a website with a weblog anywhere in the world stinks. They have figured out how to squeeze in spam crap even tho. I got tired of it and installed MT Blacklist and it works for the most part…every now and then you still get one through. IP Banning also works well but there will be thousands of IP’s.


    – Ali

  2. Zack: thankfully not, but still every now and then someone sends along a zinger.

    Abez: I am using adsense, but am going to get rid of it whenever I next redesign the weblog – It’s been there for many months yet has hardly made any money – a few hundred rupees in that entire time. I figure it’s only usefull for high-traffic sites, not weblogs with random postings. It is interesting to see what adds show up though. It’s also a very accurate page counter. So there are some benefits besides the monetary aspects.

    Ali: The new version of MT-Blacklist is now working very well at my end.

  3. I was wondering how lucrative adsense really was. I asked and they couodn’t give me a straight answer, and seeing as how my blog doesn’t really qualify as ‘high traffic’ (ha ha) I think maybe I’ll pass on it.

    But you know, the greedy-guts in me is thinking what a few hundred rupees can buy… a new err… pair of shoes? (or a really, really big lunch!) I dunno.

  4. Abez: A few hundred rs. in a few months is… not very exciting. Also, the minimum amount they pay out is a 100 dollars, so it’s going to take a looong time before I actually see anything. But I think now on blogspot blogs you can easily turn on adsense, so just try it out for a while.

  5. i signed up for a publisher account 3 months ago. on 1st month my site was getting a very small number of visitors, i earned around 20$ on 1st month, on second month i earned 35$, and in the 3rd month(October) i earned about 120$ . Total is 175$ which is appx = 10,325 Rupess , 3,440 Rupees per month. still not bad.

    my site gets around 400 U-Visitors per day.

  6. Let me throw in something I received recently…

    i wana addmition in law college and i did my in pakistan. and i want to now how can i apply and what will the systom of coming there and what is the ph noumber of that place. plese send me mail as soon as posible thanks alot.

    To KO on Adsense: You might need to put your ads in a more visible place for better results. If you don’t need the money, give it to your maasi to send her kid to school. Or spend the money in Pakistan and I am sure it’ll end up in a place dearer to you than it would otherwise.

  7. I’ve had adsense for about a year now, and have yet to see any money! I only make a few cents a week with it – so it’s really not worth it. At this speed, it’ll take me a few years for the first check! I did make the adds prominent for a while, but no one clicked on them anyways.

  8. You must not be getting lot visitors or your website may not have high bid keywords, My average CPC is

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