It’s now october… the ‘pakblogs site’:/ has been languishing for months now without any updates. Just upgraded the ‘pablogs site’ site to WordPress 1.3 aplpha with the ‘kubrick theme’: It should be more usable now. There is still a long list of things to be done:

Now comes the far tougher job of adding in all the rss features… the layout.. adding in more weblogs… I’ve just bunged in a newer version of WordPress, and a better theme. Things remaining to do:

* Put in some spiffy stuff like auto-grabbing recent posts from the weblogs listed and putting them in the sidebar.

* Add all the sites which people have emailed.

* Search doesn’t work properly – probably an error with wordpress.

* Template – perhaps update it a bit further. Ejaz, if you read this, do you want to take a crack at the CSS? There is too much spacing between posts, which makes for too much scrolling.

* Category descriptions in the sidebar on the category page

* about the pakblogs site on the front page – in the sidebar

* Recent comments in sidebar

* Back links to the sites linking to pakblogs.

* More interesting/cool stuff.

* Forums _forums ?_ – Is this a good idea? Most other pakistani forums are a real mess, especially the music ones. Forums are easy to implement however.

2 thoughts on “Pakblogs”

  1. forums is a good idea – you can always prove that forums can be a good place to vent and discuss and not the usual mindless groupies discussing who is better venue.

  2. umm u have made a mistake while categorizing my website. i dont live in malaysia. i am currently in singapore. (though i am vacationing in khi rite now). however i might be leaving singapore for europe. so lets leave my country undecided. thanks

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