A letter to the Indian people

In answer to A letter to the Pakistani people:

Dear Indian People,

Glad to hear that you’re finally coming to your senses and puzzled it took you so long. It’s sad so few of us can visit the other country, or we would all have better impressions of each other.

You mentioned that you like some Pakistani music, and I could see you had to struggle to come up with some names – don’t worry – while there is a lot of talent here, Pakistani’s too know far more about Indian music than their own. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t listen to Indian music and watch Indian movies – hop into any bus on any road (or dirt track) in Pakistan and the chances are the latest Indian film songs will be playing. You write that Bollywood is banned here, but it isn’t – the government would have a easier time banning cricket than Bollywood – and in either case you can well beleive the government wouldn’t last the day.

In Pakistan, we have a slightly different democratic system from India, where you have the worlds biggest elections. You guys go to great lengths making sure everybody gets the chance to vote, wasting time and money sending voting machines on elephants and what not, while we have greatly streamlined the process. You see, Musharraf tells us he embodies the people’s desires, and so when he votes its the same as the whole country voting, so our process is much faster and terribly efficient. We hear that Bush is really envious of our system and has been asking Musharraf tips about the next US election.

Sounds good, but what about Jammu and Kashmir, you say. Ah yes. A real party pooper that. Well, here’s the truth. We’ve grown up seeing the “whole” of Jammu and Kashmir as a part of India in our textbooks. But then, so have you.

Khunjareb picture Actually, in Pakistani textbooks, there is a line drawn through Kashmir, with a third of it in Pakistan, and the rest in India. The whole situation is one big absurd mess now, with the lives of millions held hostage to petty intrigues as various idiots used the plight of the Kashmiries for their personal political gain. It’s high time the situation was resolved, and many of us are puzzled as to why many Indians are dragging their feet on this. You say Rid yourselves of the party pooper in the army costume and get a real government, but by the time that happens you and me will probably be dead and gone, or living under a mushroom cloud, so why is it that after so many years your government is still getting cold feet? What is it afraid of? We might have a leader democratically elected by himself, but he’s really serious about resolving the Kashmir mess. You ask where’s the rush, but ask the hundreds of millions of people living below the poverty line in the indian subcontinent that question – the Himalayas won’t go anywhere but millions suffer every day as our countries make plans to buy billions of dollars worth of expensive toys.

You write about the the fabled Pakistani PR machine, which apparently demonizes India now and then, but I’ve been reading at least one newspaper a day (usually more) for the past many years, and they really don’t think anymore that you are at heart a rabid bunch of Hindu fanatics out to burn masjids, discriminate against Muslim Indians and beat the Pakistan cricket team in every single cricket match. Really – stop reading the old history books and those tired old retired lieutenant colonels who keep going on and on like a broken clock. Hell, we have such a vast surplus of retired army personnel that you’re most welcome to them.

Considering the statements some of the Indian political leaders make now and then, you should have learned to ignore the words uttered by some of our more idiotic politicians every now and then – we’ve been ignoring them for a very long time now, and it’s high time you guys realized that there will always be a few nutcases everywhere not representative of the majority. Talking of nuts, even the hardest can reform – look at LK Advani, moving on from tearing down mosques to praising Jinnah.

The Kargil incident was a doozy, but I don’t think you need to worry much about the Pakistan army – they’re too busy building housing society’s all over the country and giving out plots to each other while -running- ruining all its public institutions to have any time to think about war.

We hope you kind of get what we’re all about by reading this letter. If you do get it, we’d love to know what you feel.

Well, I’ve listened to arguments for friendship with amusement and sadness – it’s the 21st century and still too many in the subcontinent are struggling with their feelings for their neighbouring countries. How does one dislike an entire nation, especially when both countries were one just a short while ago? I hope those of you making slow overtures to peace catch up with the 21st century real soon now – what has been holding you back for so long? Here, the majority are ready – after the Indian cricket team beat Pakistan in their first match in Karachi back in March 2004, the Indian team received a five minute standing ovation as they walked off the field.

It’s just as sad listening to Muslims dredging up past glories as it is listening to Indian/Pakistani celebrities finding out after a lifetime that they love their neighbouring country. Does that mean they hated/disliked each other up till now? Really? If so, why? Over the years our leaders have waged war and then taken halting steps to peace only to quickly run back to the safety in jingoism which their mediocrity demands, using hatred and fear for easy political gains. I have been watching this whole process from the sidelines for many years, wondering when the whole madness will end.

When the politicians or the talking heads on TV talk about peace, and how we should ‘learn’ to live with each other, one can only sigh and wonder what rock they’ve been living under all these years. Welcome to the 21st century – the whole world is moving on and it’s not going to wait for us to solve our soap-operaic problems.

Just a few decades ago, around the time of partition (some of you must remember that, right?) there was this little incident called World War II, where some European countries went a bit nuts and started slaughtering each other. Well, today, these very same countries are now part of one big -happy- union. Partition was bloody, but we, who are so fond of dredging up selective bits of history to sling around really need to put things into perspective.


KO – ko at offroadpakistan.com

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  1. good reply KO. i started writing a reply myself, but i got bored half way through and forgot about it later.

    i think asides from all the niceties and humour you’ve addressed the serious issue. namely, that despite Mushy’s dictatorial ideas, he offers the most chances of a real peace than probably any other pakistani leader in the past 25 years. not only is he keen on solving it, but he has the ability to solve it… not “despite of”, but BECAUSE of his position as an army general.

  2. salam to muslims and to everyone else, this indo-pak dual is only 50 years old and i dont think it going away for next 500 or so years as long this religion thingy� is taken seriously by hindus/muslims. unless this fanatism (in every religion) is over, we all would get nowhere. the whole world is converting slowly towards being a muslim world, so whenever i see any fanatic muslim, i simply smile as the cause that he/she is fighting is already been fought since 1400 years and the fruits are spread all over the world of today. however, whenever i see any other religious fanatic such as hindus fighting, they are right in doing so as their very existance is at risk. however, whoever is going to win at the end of day, it would be purely love� and peace� which is the meaning of ISLAM, not fire, murder, nukes, etc.

  3. Err, Ali

    The fanaticism doesn’t matter to me, as I am an atheist and I think that the very concept of religion itself is bullshit. You may be a beliver, and I can understand that


    When you say –

    “the whole world is converting slowly towards being a muslim world, so whenever i see any fanatic muslim, i simply smile as the cause that he/she is fighting is already been fought since 1400 years and the fruits are spread all over the world of today. however, whenever i see any other religious fanatic such as hindus fighting, they are right in doing so as their very existance is at risk.”

    You sound like a fanatic yourself. You desperately need a reality check buddy

  4. KO,

    Great one. Unlike the orchestrated (and much bandied) people to people contacts between, the blogosphere’s version has been more spontaneous and, if I may say, authentic.

    I’m glad that you feel that the rights and wrongs of Partition are best left behind; the best bet for the two countries is to move on from there.

    The European project is not quite relevant here, as I’ve argued before. If they decide to take in Turkey…maybe, maybe, maybe 🙂

  5. Got here thru Saket (Vulturo)..

    a nice thought provoking post… we do have to realise that there can be peace afterall by living together… mostly its the bureaucracy that halts the goodwill… aint it??

  6. i enjoyed reading that.

    many moons ago – i went to london to study. and the bogey of the “pakistani” was very much there.

    and i met a person from Pakistan who became a great friend. He was brought up with the bogey of “hindustanis”.

    while we chatted and debated we realised we had more in common with each other (he was a student from Karachi, and me from Mumbai) than we had with people of Indian or Pakistani origin residing in London. And suddenly this bogey of the “old enemy” began to disappear. Gosh, we spoke the same language, laughed at the same kind of jokes, enjoyed the same kind of music – had similar digs at ethnic groups and so on!

    I think people to people contact is so necessary, simply because it is in the interests of the “powers that be” to keep the “bogey” alive. Probably because if we didn’t have an enemy (real or imaginery) then probably the people of both nations will ask a fundamental question – why are we in this state after 58 odd years of independence! and when they do that the rulers will be in trouble!

  7. perfect…. we hardly get to hear the “other side” in India – digging up past glories and stories of past gore , we need to give up both… great letter! And I fully second what Harini has said here…

  8. just one final point – and this is more to ali & vulturo

    all religions preach love and peace. not one says go out there and kill. those who kill in the name of religion probably are the greatest blasphemers.

    vulturo – being an athiest is not believing in God. it really has nothing to do with religion. to give you a set of examples, Veer Savarkar – the right wing hindu fundamentalist – was an athiest. Jinnah was not really religious – he once said Maulana Azad’s view could not be trusted as he was someone who prayed too much. The proponents of the modern state of Israel were not practising Jews.

    It is a lot more difficult for people who have “faith” to break the tenets of their religion than those who don’t.

  9. well written,

    but i wud say one shud ask those ppl who came to pakistan after partition especially those women who were got married to pakistani men and had to leave everything behind, come here and resettle themselves into a different atmoshpere. it these type of ppl who can give a true insight into the actual relationship of pak-india. taking hindu or muslim fanatics views and considering them as a common persons views is very incorrect and is a misrepresentation of the truth.

    i agree there hav been loads of problems between pak and india but in effect they have only been the “games” played by the politicians of both the countries.

  10. i read your letter and i feel that the time has come for everyone to wake up and realise that harping on the past or playing the blame game is in nobody’s interest.we have to wake up and realise that we have so much more in common than the few things in which we differ.does it matter very much whether one is a muslim or a hindu or a jew if one knows that all the religions are systems designed to make us a diciplined group and obey a higher rule?i would also like to tell you that there is much in the indian democracy that is not exactly the best that can happen to a nation.we have our dynasties.we have our group politics.when people talk to people, the question whether the system of administration is a dictatorship or democracy should not arise.let us have common good as the goal and work for the same.your music is wonderful.i cannot forget Abhogi Kanhara by one of the most gifted pair , Nazakat Ali and Salamat Ali.their rendering of the raga opened the eyes of several classical musical gurus.i am yet to hear anyone coming anywhere near that pair.

  11. KO, u don;t need to be so nice to some of these hatred preaching Indians . Check this lunatic’s rantings about us(Vulturo.com).

  12. ……….i liked both the letters.the authors wrote it for enjoyment purpose and to bring in the things we have forgotten from the past and ….and not for the commenters to fight :P. Just read and and enjoy the day. 🙂

  13. perfect reminder of how the doctrinal history text books we are taught in india and pakistan portray the same events much differently…hence the bridges between us.

    PS:i’d rather righly stress though the above mentioned is not the only reason.

  14. Great Communication KO!

    You both have opened a dialogue, and provided people like me with a diffrent perspective. The comments are also very positive signing. I think this is the best way to understand each other.

    Keep the good work on.

  15. Hi pakistani people, I’m from the southrern part of india.I love ahmed jahanzeb’s songs more than anything…thanks to all pak music sites, I love junoon,jal,strings,fuzion,ali noor….all th best to all pakistani people. I don’t believe in religion nd god, I thiink thast why I can love all the people…..my dream i want to to visit pakistan by foot via kashmir( kashmir belongs to the people of kashmir,India and pakistan has busines there)……thanks to all

  16. Thanks for a very nice reply. I always believe that people as individuals do not have anything to do at the national or religious levels. Two good people meet and walk together not based on any bias but pure human intrinsic values. It is only later on that the extrinsic artificial motives start dictating over the inner values of people and spoils the relationship. As that is clearly evident in Ali’s comments above, where he has attempted to hijack the discussion to a different level altogether. He had come to read and reply this post with a pure intent and then “something” overpowered him and so was the reply from him. Just to give him a peaceful time, I would like him to go to this link ( http://www.secularislam.org/testimonies/testimonies2.htm ) and judge himself that there is nothing final in the world. Religion, whether Islam, Hinduism, Christianity and what not will take a backseat as people have so many other things to worry about in the modern world. Coming days are becoming faster than before and more engaging for people than ever before. People are more engrossed in many other activities, unfortunately this trend will never stop now! I bet Ali that when Pakistan is playing the final 5 overs in a tense cricket match or his younger brothers/sons are playing a highly tense Nintendo video game and have reached the final level, would ever bother to go for prayer. Guess what, you should see the trend. In old days religion had a purpose and people had time to listen to all those religious heads, not anymore. Now we have 1000s of channels 24×7 all 365 days just at the click of a button! You think the new generation would like to hear Imams, Popes or Shnkaracharyas when they have Rock bands lined up to give a live show? Do a reality check and don’t sound like an old timer bragging same religious overtones!

  17. I was just googling some discussion forum when i hit upon these. Some Indian comments make me laugh. What are you ppl trying to do? Establish India-Pakistan brotherhood. We dont have much in common except for urdu and punjabi. I am proud to say that Pakistanis and Indians hate each other. One of us has to perish for the hostility to fade.

    How can Pakistani be our friends? We Indian are the biggest hypocrites in the world. Our people are battling Pakistani terrorists and on other side we cure pakistani children in our hospitals. SAAP KE BACHCHE KO KITNA BHI DOODH PILAO WOH DASAKE ZAROOR.

    Do you ppl think that our enmity is a bane. India and Pakistan have a formidable enemy. They built their state of art warfare keeping each other in mind. The result – Pakistan doesn’t have to worry like it’s muslim neighbours abt Israel and America. India’s military prowess acted as a detterent against American hegemony during coldwar. India and Pakistan have only each other to fear. If it was not so, we would have ended up as neo-colonial states.








    When you say –

    “the whole world is converting slowly towards being a muslim world, so whenever i see any fanatic muslim, i simply smile as the cause that he/she is fighting is already been fought since 1400 years and the fruits are spread all over the world of today. however, whenever i see any other religious fanatic such as hindus fighting, they are right in doing so as their very existance is at risk.”

    You sound like a fanatic yourself.



    HATS OFF !!!


  19. Ok, you look like having some knowledge of the 21st century reforms around the world. Its sad to hear that such a person can support the kind of Anarchy that rules his/her country.

    You people think about getting this Kashmir issue close asap to avoid the wastage in weapons? Why the hell than you have to buy nuclear weapons and technology from other countries and force your neighbour to get in to such things ? Why the hell do the country leader have to ask for US help in negotiation, when the only reason for US intervening could be of economic benefit it has behind the intervention, viz selling you weapons for strengthening your ‘nation’.

    Partition was a bad thing (probably, I have no strong views on it) but then it was not done by any other but the third party(‘British’), Indians(at that time, were all brothers and sisters only, their was no concept of Hindu/Muslim etc, as it is not even now in India.) Still you seem not to learn anything from history, which you so want to ignore for your-21st-century outlook.

    India spends lot of money in other things like space etc and want to be a leader in those technologies, this Kargil war and stuff are nothing but an unwanted expenditure on our part. Is their any necessity to ‘war’ until the issue is resolved? Our government is working hard to find funds to be put in education and developement of the people and the country, we don’t have any willingness to invest in arms but are forced to do so lest the people across the LOC creat havoc all the team.

    At one place we open LOC for quake relief and collect money etc for sending it to our friends across the border on the other side some people come and do blast on eve of a big festival like Diwali in India. How can we ever come close and talk? Pakistan need to enforce some kind of minimum education for people from age of 5-14 so they stop being misguided by LeT and other such organization to kill people in India.

    and many of us are puzzled as to why many Indians are dragging their feet on this. You say Rid yourselves of the party pooper in the army costume and get a real government, but by the time that happens you and me will probably be dead and gone, or living under a mushroom cloud, so why is it that after so many years your govt. is still getting cold feet? What is it afraid of?

    Looks funny, When a pact like Shimla etc is signed all by Indian government initiative, a Delhi-Lahore bus is run on our initiative, and many further steps are taken by Indian government. Only thing our leader do is to show public opinion of not involving US in our bilateral issues, and thats where your ‘government’ comes to a standstill. Can’t the self elected leader have some guts to take some decisions on his own, if he wants to clear the terrorist what does it take, does it take US help? If he cannot take an offensive and clear the weed inside the country how can he claim to ‘fight’/stand for the country. Even a country as small as Nepal could take strong decision to wipe of terrorists and implement it, Pakistan should be in much more stronger situtation.

    The inability to take such a decision only shows ‘your’ dependence on the terrorists to keep the LOC issue on news all the time. Sometimes I get confused if LeT and other groups work outside pakistan Army or are part of it.

  20. Nice blog and a well articulated reply. I was relieved to hear that the Pakistani govt propaganda machine is not as powerful or dangerous as I thought it to be. Unfortunately, Kashmir and terrorism remain party-poopers. What’s it gonna take for your govt to get rid of terrorist organizations? Don’t you see that it’s destroying you as well as us?

  21. KO,

    you really have shown sign of maturity by NOT replying in same tone as those indians did,oh should i call that an Indian voice?(keeping in mind that India doesn`t mean Hindus only)

    one could read my respnose to them which i made as Adnan Siddiqi

    Thanks for not being fanatic like that Indian.

  22. Religion? whats this i hear about religion?

    what does “religion” mean … wait lemme get my dictionary…

    flipping … A..B… G…flipping ..H… large flipping….N…flipping …Q…

    R…Ramification..plch… flipping..remorseless..flip back….regulative…flip one forward…reluctant…

    oh F$%^ some body tore the page with that word on it…

    wait …oh … hehehe… it was me …

    what was that word again “R…” something…

    forget it

    some stupid word … who cares about it anyway…

  23. hii(all da way frm india..)ko dunno y ur post reminded me of ashley wilkes of gone with the wind..u replied with soo much maturity and honesty..truly admire that…wish dere r more pepl lik u who undrstand the futility of all dis hatred…

    How many hours and how many days

    love is just slipping away

    How many seasons and how many years

    in tears

    How many centuries and how many lives in fear


  24. It is endearing to read myriads of indo-pak denizens gracefully embrace the decision of their respective goverments. It shows maturity. It shows, common sense prevails.

    What else could it be?

    Having an iron curtain relationaship with a neighbour, over the ownership of Kashmir, could only be considered as purile.

    It took 55 odd years for both the warring sides to abate the rancorousness.

    But all said and done, I am happy to know that we have metamorphosed. A détente was considered and pursued not because we love each other (although I wouldn’t dispute that, gauging by the kind of geniality exuberated by both the sides) ,but because it was in each others respective interests. Lets face it, it was no fun being jingoistic. While at war, we swore at each other, and rightly so, because what ever you say, right or wrong, we have to, in the end, espouse OUR side during the war. But that wasn’t a pleasant thing to do. the pressure,the panranoia because of death threat, etc took its toll.

    But now, people at this group, I see, have rightly realised, the situation calls for emanating congeniality. Because, like in the war, even in this situation, we are playing for our own benefits. An affable neighbourhood will go a long way in solving our poverty woes. Right?

    Then, spending a humongous sum for acquiring nuclear weapons will be obviated. That money will then be channelised for the development of infrastructure, solving the unemployment problem and a myriad other problems.

    We have to live with the changes in life and any step for the benefit should be taken without hesitation. When we were warring , those were trying circumstances for both sides.

    But now, things have changed for the good. We are entering a stage where the antipathy that was previously so apparent has changed to bonhomie. Remember 2004 indo-pak cricket series? That was one hell of a tournament. It is not acclaimed so much for India’s win. It is noted for the transmogrification in the attitudes of the Pakistani people. It is noted for the love that was showered by, the then beligerant, and now lovable pakistanis.

    So lets join the revlry and hope for an entente. This kind of concord will go a long way in entreching that the Sub-continient is a wonderful, lovely place to live in, not inhabited by islamic factions.

  25. This does look like a fitting reply and a good ‘other side’ view for us in India. I don’t know whether it is the thoughtfulness in your writing or the moderation in your words, but I feel that there should be more people with ideas matching your’s.

  26. Iwanna say: In the war of 1965 Pakistan had Patton tanks and India had Shermon tanks..both were of us origion, not accusing only USA but all super powers that they cannot simply let go a weapon industry worth $ 110 Billion, The Americans gets the bniggest chunk ($800Billion per year) with England, France, Israel and Soveit Union now Russia fight for lesser fodder. So all you boyz and girlz cool it, think over it, go to sleep and next morning think of something else and devote your energies to some other good cause tis is for both pakistan and india….

  27. Great respose, Omar very proud of you you think like most of us it was fun reading both your writing. You said it right let the bygones be bygones and move ahaid, time will not wait for you.

    Anot to mona “I can be Indian for you if you like” if not i’ll introduce to my next door Navin.

  28. thanks dear shabbir 4 ur nice litter and i like it also i dont mind hhnnnnnnnn if we be if we be a good frieds…

    i resevied ur mail it was such a nice

  29. Sandy your quote “So lets join the revlry and hope for an entente. This kind of concord will go a long way in entreching that the Sub-continient is a wonderful, lovely place to live in, not inhabited by islamic factions.” So Well put you know this used to be the most peacefull region until the foriegn influence msde it unstable. But now the two countries have realized it. The best thing they did is become nuclear powered and you know what that did to the west they backed off they are scared they are taking one step back at a time cause they think we are going to blow the big thing like they did in Japan and you know what people from Sub-Continant can be well not so what is word I just can’t think of it help me out here aahhhh wellllllllllllll PRIDICTABLE did I say that right RIGHT and RIGHT it is let think that way and in the mean time we the two countries can get our act togather before they get theirs.

  30. Hi friends,

    I feel this is one great blog.I enjoyed redaing different views from both sides.

    Leaving the religion thing behind we need to look at other aspects like the development the countries have done. THIS is my personal feeling that pak lis lacking behind.Today

    India is leading the BPO race,it has IITS &IIMS .ARound300 INdian comanies have there

    presence in countries like CHINA .It is becoming the hub to Biotechnology.World largest steel manufacturer LAKHMI MITTAL is from INDIA.IT has 25 million rich NRI population all over the world.If go on like this there are hundreds of things that seperate two countries.Instead of arguing about “k” word we need to work together and build a strong future. MAY GOD BLESS IND-PAK.


  31. We all agree that as Humans , we Indians and Pakistanis have so much in common. actually we are ‘flesh of same flesh, and blood of same blood’. Then why we have a problem?, There isn’t a bogey, a Nation was divided on some principles ( I am not questioning their being right or wrong ) but to consider India and Pakistan and India as ONE would be attacking the very foundation of Islamic Republic of Pakistan ,It would amount to nullyfying whatever M.A Jinna’s ideals were.

  32. hi dosto i read yr comments and forum too. thats very good. I get at least one forum on net that contain lovely and true messages other than hate.But there is not any girl messenger. i want to know about living style, fashion, education system etc. in pakistan can any one reply me?

  33. Hi All!

    When the whole Earth is getting smaller over the world wide web and international flights, when technolgy plans to send space vehicles to the Pluto satellite, should we still have different relegions and different countries? Isn’t it the time to have, atleast to think about the one country “EARTH” and one religion, “LOVE”?


  34. Mariam… I am touched and actually cried when I went to the link I think this is the generation that will bring the Sub-continent togather.. lets all pray

  35. to improve indo pakistani relations pakistan must accept that kashmir belongs to india.i know several pakistani citizens will have an objection to this demand,but the

    fact is this demand is legitimate.some pakistanis and kashmiris might harp that it was the ‘hindu’ ruler of kashmir who wanted to join india and not the muslim majority.this argument is that of a hypocrite and makes no sense.i say this because i can prove my argument, in preindependence india hindus were (or we can say non muslims ) in majority and they did not want india to be divided but still the minority community(muslims) got what they wanted didn’t they.so pakistan’s argument that muslims of kashmir want to join pakistan is baseless because hindus of india to whom kashmir belongs as much as it does to kashmiris do not want it to join pakistan,just see who is in the majority now.

    that apart pakistani government must stop supporting terriosts who kill

    people.i have also observed some people making outrageous comparison between shiv sena,bjp,rss(hindu groups) with lashkar and al qaeda,please stop being ridiculous.i agree that ss,bjp and rss have done some blunders but a great majority of them were political,these groups have never hid bombs in buses ,trains, busy markets etc to kill anyone,the maximum these idiots can do is tear down hoardings bring down small structures etc and remember these are limited inside indian territory only.it is pakistan that has to change it’s foriegn policy and not india(why pakistan survives because of hatred towards india).india meanwhile WILL focus on internal problems and by the grace of the lord we will become a global superpower soon,the indian youth have a dream and we also have the means to achive this.it is in pakistans interests to change it’s equation

    with india

  36. Terrorism is an easy but bloody way to make money. And the terrorist leaders brain wash and make use of the youth on some or other pretext for this job. Therefore only way to stop terrorism is to impart value education to everyone.

  37. In response to :

    A letter to the Indian people

    A letter to the Pakistani people

    An open letter to the people of the Subcontinent …

    Few years Gen. Musharraf said, “Kashmir is in Pak’s Blood”

    So is it in ours General.. But when shall we realize that the same blood runs in all our veins?

    My Friends…Think….just for once, think…what are we fighting over? Over Kashmir? Not so.. Kashmir has just become a scapegoat of the whole Drama which started way back in 1906 or even before that with Britain acting as director and the people of the then British Indian empire as its actors.

    Divide and rule has always been the British policy so we have learnt from our history textbooks and tales of pre independence period. I need not tell you in great detail how the East India Company and eventually Britain came to control the Indian subcontinent by exploiting the cracks in the integrity of the region at that time. The British searched for cracks and fissures in the Indian Political and social scenarios and widened them into wide craters that we haven’t been able to bridge even after 50 years of independence. The Bengal Partition, formation of the Muslim league etc all started with British officers poisoning the ears of some influential people. The Muslim league was formed under the pretext that the INC was not capable of putting forward the demands of the Muslim people. Why? Were their demands any different? This is what the Brits told people. Do you think the British cared whether any demands were put forward at all?

    We have been fools the greatest fools that ever lived. We are so foolish that we commit the same mistakes over and over again. The Brits exploited us for 300 years after independence and continued now with the Americans to strip our country of its wealth.

    And now that there is nothing to take economically the Americans have turned to our rich culture to rob. America is no more than 400 years old with no culture or heritage. They just like a species that have just developed, wild and ruthless, fighting for survival in the world. But we are one of the species that has evolved over hundreds of years and have reached the apex of the cultural mountain. Our kids respect their elders, they don’t walk about with guns killing innocent people , they think before they act , they are not rash in their decisions and most importantly they are not selfish. The race for survival makes one selfish, like an animal without a mother who has to fight for his life to survive in the jungle where there is every man or rather animal for himself. So first bear in mind that America is nothing great. It is like a selfish bully child who has been given weapons it is not capable of handling.

    The spark from a Brit lighter has created a social fire which threatens to engulf one of the greatest civilizations in the world. This fire has hampered the development of the Indian subcontinent which was already in the dark for 300 years.

    Who is gaining from this unnecessary conflict? The American weapon manufacturing companies? Or the countries who plague our economy under the name of foreign aid? Who? Certainly not us. Annually a major share of both the nations’ budgets is defense. Ideally the money of a developing country should be directed at development which is not the case with either of us. It is our people who die on the borders, it is our economies that are miserably poor, we are the ones at loss . So it should be our problem how we handle our respective problems and how we solve or own conflict and not America’s which has everything to gain either way. Under the banner of peace America sells weapons to countries at war. If they are so much for peace why manufacture weapons at all?

    Going against nature has always resulted in destruction. The geography of the Indian subcontinent is such that it is meant to remain united. We in the subcontinent depend on each other for our needs. The region to the south of the Himalayan mountain ranges is meant to be united . Historically this region has always been at the apex of prosperity when it was united and was at peace. So we have to decide what to do follow the foolish path of our predecessors or take on a new radical policy that will shake the world and pave the way for our development.

    The time has come for us to change and broaden our thoughts which have been narrowed by all the hate that has been spread. Our future lies in the Subcontinent United as one Nation. That’s when our development shall start, our economies shall boost and this new Nation shall lead the World.

  38. Excellent representation KO !

    Its Truth but Useless !

    Nowadays words of truth don’t attract heed, & U R trying to touch Hearts & Minds.

    Its elecctronic media people believe, even in developed nations like US.

    And that U & me know is strongly controlled, very tactically, debating a worthless line against rulers (in the name of freedom of speech)and then singing long verses in favour.

    I pray your word go across miles & Hearts

  39. Too sad to see a very low life reply from hawkins, after reading a heart warming truth from Parth however historic facts have never been kept well from that time but it was close. My personal reply to hawkins “get some education please, specially in LANGUAGE this may be you freedom from the Ghetto “.

  40. _racist, stupid and sexist commented removed_

    The following quite applies to this (now deleted) comment:

    bq. Mr Hawkins, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I’ve ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response was there anything that could even be considered a rational thought. Everyone is now dumber for having read your comment it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  41. Hawkins, I was so right about you, only a teenager can talk nonsense like yours(Ghetto Talk), by the way I am a proud Pakistani myself and not a kid, but definetly not a trash like you proclaiming all the nonsense and all talk, you probably spend most your productive time chatting ghetto talk on the net trying to pickup women and the rest you dump here which you yourself cannot quite makeout what it is, this the problem with most Pakistanis and Indians they all have a load of Crap talk to dump on sites like this but have little to do about it.

  42. Got here via Desipundit.

    First off, I can’t access the Letter to Pakistani People. http://www.vichar.org‘s home page is apparently blank, and the results are the same even via anonymous proxy. Any idea what’s going on?

    Secondly, I can personally testify that most Indians feel that Mushraff is dragging his feet over Kashmir. Not saying that’s true, just that both countries feel exactly the opposite thing and both think they’re right.

    But that aside, I personally feel India has a very good reason to drag its feet. It’s called Kargil. Now, you’ve dismissed this with

    > The kargil incident was a doozy, but I don’t think you need to

    > worry much about the Pakistan army – they’re too busy building

    > housing society’s all over the country and giving out plots to each

    > other while ruining all its public institutions to have any time to think

    > about war.

    Um… let’s see what happened. Pakistan started a peace process with India, India reciprocated, Pakistan attacked and caught India wrong-footed. The army was definitely involved, meaning that it was premeditated. Presumably, the Pakistani army was gifting land and ruining your public institutions 7 years ago as well. And it didn’t stop them then.

    You’ve stated the problem yourself:

    > Really – stop reading the old history books and those tired old

    > retired lieutenant colonels who keep going on and on like a broken

    > clock.

    The problem is that a lot of those old lieutenant colonels are far from retired — in fact, they are the ones in charge of your Army. So while we’re confident that the people of Pakistan are not going to pick up guns and charge over the borden any time soon, we’re not quite so certain about the old lieutanent colonels who control all the guns. Heck, we love the people of Pakistan! They gave us Strings, Jal, and BC Sutta. And a standing ovation! What more could we possibly ask for?

    Finally, there is the issue of Kashmir. Whatever happened in the past aside, Pakistan says it’s theirs, India say it’s ours. How exactly do you want to ‘resolve’ the issue?

  43. Anukool ur not at all cool i dunno whatever the crap u were writing about Pakistan army which is just false accusations simply ur afraid of our army doesnot mean rhat u srated talking crap about it what do u like 2 say about ur own indian army which is busy killing innocent people in kashmir , taking their land for building headquartors raping kashmiri women Dosruon par nukta cheeni karnae sae pehlae apnae apko bhi dekhlaina chahiyei

  44. That’s a very well written piece, I must say.

    I sincerely hope that the relations between India and Pakistan will some day become akin to that among the various countries of the European Union, where trade and movement of people across borders shall be unrestricted.

    I visited Pakistan in April ’06 and it was a very nice trip. I’ve written more about it on my blog.

    Here’s to peace and prosperity in the sub-continent!

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