Bangladesh finally starts up war crime tribunals for 1971

A blast from the past, from the 1971 past that is, where another Pakistan Army, which has moved on to raping entire governments not just it’s own women, did this:

“Bangladesh says Pakistani soldiers, aided by local collaborators, killed an estimated 3 million people, raped about 200,000 women and forced millions to flee their homes. Pakistan has disputed the allegations.”

Wikipedia has lots more... sadly there aren’t many easily readable books on this period, but Salman Rushdie’s “Midnight’s Children” is a good start to get interested in what happened then.

It is also interesting to note that members of Jamaat-e-Islaami, Pakistan’s largest Islamic party than and now, are behind bars for raping and killing their fellow citizens. Not surprising, because the Jamaat is still active in these areas, but still jarring to note that the Jamaat’s war against Pakistan dates back so long and is so consistent- from fighting against Jinnah, to using all the dirty tricks in the book to screw over East Pakistan, and nowadays supporting myriad terrorist organizations.

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  1. I am wondering where is the grave of those 3 million people being killed.. and really 200,000 women raped? so that means there should be at least 150k children without actual fathers.. where are they? This is the height of exageration… get a life.. I am not saying army and local collaborators didn’t kill anyone there.. but the figures given by Bangladesh are way too high…

    The only people killed there were who had weapons and were fighting the army.. no innocent civilian were killed except those who were helping the mis-creants.. this is how any army will react to terrorists and mis-creants.

  2. A response from someone else, with which I wholeheartedly agree:

    The numbers may be exaggerated but your math is off. About 11% of sexual interactions result in pregnancy and you have assumed the instrument for rape. You have not counted that 1/5 pregnancies result in miscarriage, a rate which is higher under conditions of stress. Nor have you factored in that these women will likely have been married and resulting children passed off as legitimate offspring.

    Just out of interest, how many rapes would you predict and is that number acceptable?

    • Its not just about the number of children that would have born. Pakistan’s total number of army in 1971 was about 400,000/- It is clear that all of them could have not moved to east Pakistan only to rape women — I say all of them because obviously not everyone was not raping.. some where, as you suggested, killing innocent people.

      If someone is ‘exaggerating’ this figure, and saying that 200,000 women were raped, while they were not, then it is clear that he/she isn’t doing this out of the oppression they faced.

      a) because they want trouble or..
      b) because someone quoting Salman Rashdie is definitely not oppressed.
      or c) they are an ass hole.
      which leads me to my third and final conclusion:
      d) fuck you.

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