How Do You Get Work Done?

[quote]I am currently a university student and have a major problem: being able to simply sit down and get work done. I can set aside a day to work, whether it is homework or contract work, and I will be lucky to have an hour done before dinner time. The only time I can actually get solid work done seems to be after midnight under a lot of pressure (ie. a deadline the next day). This has led to too many 5 a.m. nights and turning down too many invitations to go out only to stay in and accomplish nothing. I have stopped playing games, stopped watching TV, tried reading the Seven Habits book, and am currently seeing what classical music does for me. I don’t think I have [url=]ADHD[/url], and I am not sure what else to try. If it is computer work, the web is always a click away, and I can always escape to my imagination. I know many of you will have had the same problem. Can anyone please give advice on how to overcome this problem, be it a little trick, medication, or anything else?

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A Geeks Tour Of North America?

[quote]Later this year I’m taking advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to backpack around the U.S. and Canada (Sept 2003 to whenever I have to come home again). Being a lifelong Australian geek (think of Steve Irwin and then stop, because I’m nothing like that and neither is anyone else, Steve Irwin included) I’m desperately curious: what would make it to the travel itinerary of Slashdot’s all-time geek-tour of North America? Think electronics, architecture, astronomy, enlightenment! Think gadgets, bookstores, software, comics, The Library Of Congress, The Smithsonian, Wanting To See Really Amazing Things! Think travelling on a budget, then forget about that if it’s a ‘You Must See This Before You Die’ sort of suggestion. And then stop thinking about these things, and actually tell me!”




Its a place where I park all the interesting things I come accross on the Internet. Often, I come across something which I want to refer back to later, but by that time I can never find it again. Google may be fast approaching deity status, but sites go up and down and what you search for today might not be what you find tomorrow. See some more “Reasons for Blogging”:

Writing about anything, even if it’s just a few lines, seems to imprint them far more permenantly, and makes it easier to recall later on.

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The final irony

The Guardian tries to hunt down one of the last few remaining words left out in the wild:

‘Isn’t it ironic?’ You hear it all the time – and, most of the time, actually no, it isn’t. Hypocritical, cynical, lazy, coincidental, more likely. But what is irony and why did pundits think it would die two years ago, after September 11? Zoe Williams meticulously, sincerely, unironically, hunts it down

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Slashdot has a “discussion on this article”: : “Have you ever used the word “ironic?” Do you know what it really means? If not, is that ironic?

“Metafilter”: is also on it.