Bush sends experts to assess Liberia

It seems to me that if you decide to help a country, you do not first check whether it will be easy to do so or not, and then on that basis decide to help. What the hell are the military experts going to assess? Where are the humanitarian experts? The State Department? There are other branches of the US goernment, but it seems that Donald Rumsfield is the only civilian in the whole setup who has a say in what gets done. Well him, and all those lobbyists and right-wing think tanks.

bq. OHIO: President Bush is sending military experts to Africa to assess whether US troops should help enforce a fragile cease-fire in war-torn Liberia. He was considering a conditional offer by the country?s leader to step down.

>> “Daily Times”:http://www.dailytimes.com.pk/default.asp?page=story_6-7-2003_pg4_2

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