Great Empire or Grand Illusion?

This article sums up many a leftist’s dream of the comeuppance of America. Its well written and logically very possible, but is as likely to happen as the thousand and one predictions of the Americans having a hard time conquering Iraq. These days the same writers are going on about how Iraq is the “new Vietnam”: It’s not going to happen.

bq. This US centric world economic model is in jeopardy because, contrary to glitzy appearances, the US economy may be heading for a train wreck.

>> “Chowk: Sohail Rabbani”:

Yes, the American economy is looking increasingly like a gigantic house of cards, in danger of falling with the first strong wind that blows, but these things take time. The Roman empire lasted a 1000 years, and for the last 5 centuries it was perpetually tottering on its feet. America is far stronger, militarily and economically than Rome ever was.

The presidency is going to change, most likely next year. Whoever is going to be coming in will be implementing damage control to the US economy. If nothing else, they won’t be going around actively wrecking the economy like Bush has been doing.

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