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Greg Palast is starting a weblog. Three times a week at “”: you’ll find the news not in your news.

Note: It’s getting mighty expensive replacing every television I throw through the window when Mr. O’Reilly appears. And ripping up the New York Times leaves me without the news I need to pick up after Pluto, my retriever. There’s only one thing to do: write the darn news myself. I am, I’ve heard, a journalist — but it’s only a rumor in the USA where my reports for BBC Television and the Guardian papers are stopped by the electronic Berlin Wall.

>>”Greg Palast”:

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  1. If what Greg Palast has presented in the “Bush Family Fortunes” is correct, the government of our American republic is corrupt. Congressmen and senators who should know what George W. Bush has illegally done, and is doing, to undermine deliberative democrary are sitting back in their office chairs pretending that the federal government is just fine and going on its merry way. I spoke with Attorney Ron Motley to ascertain that Palast had not taken liberties to skew what he might have actually said. I found out that what Motley had said in the documentary was precisely as Palast had presented it. If the Bush family, George, Herbert, Jeb, et al, has gotten away with their crimes, they have to be stopped.

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