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While in Pakistan we have “oil spills”: and a “hung parliament”:, the rest of the world has been busy going to pieces.

The “bombings in Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan”: have been the main news this week. Just a few days earlier, I had predicted that “things aren’t looking good in Iraq”:, and sadly enough it seems to be the case. The latest attack seems to “signal a shifting strategy”: of bombings against “non-military targets”: The US seems to think that the latest attack is a good reason for the world to jump in and “help them out”:, but “Who Wants to Go to Iraq Now?”: There is an excellent post at Body and Soul about “the US situation in Iraq”:

In Europe, things might be even worse. “France Says Heat Toll May Be 10,000”:,2933,95334,00.html [this via “Kevin”: who wonders “why the Iraqis aren’t dying from the heat”:].

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  1. Reference your “prediction” of a few days ago about things “not looking good in Iraq.” In fact, things have not been looking good in Iraq for months,if not years.

  2. Well yes, things have not been looking good since the Iran-Iraq war, but the US are now making that war and even Saddam look almost like the good old days.

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