Are you listening, America?

!(big) 450w 228h (american oil)!

“In 50 years, we could cure our oil addiction”:, but in the meantime…

_the above picture describes the America’s -dependance- addiction to oil beautifully – sometimes a picture does say more than thousands of words_

6 thoughts on “Are you listening, America?”

  1. OUTSTANDING picture it sure encompasses the message without even a single comment – but i disagree on Shey’s comment oil ain’t that cheap if you count the numerous Iraqis who have lost their lives in order to provide those americans with this cheap oil – and surely we should not forget the BILLIONS and also their 1000+ loss of armed forces in this stint of Bush Jr. to get hold/control of that cheap oil – PRICE ISN’T EVERYTHING.

    can I ask for permission to use this picture elsewhere?

  2. This picture is from the New Scientist – it’s linked above to the site also. While everyone benefits from cheap oil, it’s the poorer countries who’re hit the most by expensive oil. Pakistan’s oil import bill is getting larger, and while the government has so far not passed on the increase in oil prices to the consumer, soon it’ll have to.

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