bulletproof fiasco

bq.. The government has decided to purchase a fleet of 30 high-priced bulletproof Mercedes Benz for VVIPs *costing more than Rs 3 billion.*

…each Mercedes would cost over Rs 100 million.

>> “The News: Government to buy 30 bulletproof cars for VVIPs”:http://www.jang.com.pk/thenews/oct2004-daily/17-10-2004/main/main11.htm

p. While there are assassination attempts galore on Musharraf, and I’m sure Shaukat Aziz is fast climbing up your favorite terrorist’s hit list, 30 mercedes at *two million dollars each* is just unbelievable!

It seems most world leaders are getting ripped off for they buy their armour plated cars for a mere 75,000 dollars to 150-200,000 dollars! If you go to Daimler Benz in Germany, an armoured top of the line S Class will put you back a miserly ‘143,000 dollars’:http://blackarmor.com/mercedes.htm delivered. Why doesn’t he just travel in an armoured personnel carrier or a tank instead? It’s not like these cars are going to blend in the traffic along with their 30 car convoy and roads blocked for miles around – the idea of a bulletproof car is to look just like any other car on the road so the random robber/kidnapper gets suprised when he finds out his puny little AK-47 doesn’t do any damage… but when just about terrorist worth his salt knows these chaps are riding around in bulletproof cars they might as well go the whole hog and use tanks, or why not bulletproof trucks? Is it going to crimp their style?

While I am totally for Musharraf and co. taking all necessary steps to protect themselves from what-could-be-lurking in every shadow, this -stinks- reeks to the heavens. It’s not even news – it was dredged up in parliament when someone asked the government about the price, and they had to reply.

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  1. Pathetic!!! That’s all I can say. The concept of “Tax-payer’s money” is not there in our minds. These ppl bathe in luxury on the expense of our money. These rascals!

  2. A few months ago i was hearing through the grapevine that the establishment had seriuosly looked into buying some bullet proof 7-series BMW’s – would have been a boost for Dewan Motors. So it turned out to be Mercedes for a mighty hefty sum.

    Can you imagine that spare change can at minimum provide the ENTIRE Karachi with broadband connection for a year (or food) – we sure have missed out on a golden opportunity – imagine with that highspeed connection more low-level software developers might have been able to get their programs out into the market – in turn more income for the govt.

    But maybe the Govt feels that with the bullet-proof top of the line Merc it will imporve their safety and efficiency – they have to realize that its upto the ALMIGHTY he shall take when he wants to and no human/protection can deter the sword – Are these rulers really MUSLIMS?

    Pinch me please so i can wake up from my dream. hmmmmm

  3. The CDA spent 2.7 million rupees on planting palm trees in Islamabad that were purchased from a private contractor (who identity has been withheld from the public) at exorbitant rates. Within a week they were all dead. They spent more money removing them. I don’t know if anything surprises me any more. 🙁

  4. oh puhleese. do u think the government gives a fricking damn about us “commoners”? yeah rite. they probably think theyhave the right to spend as much money as they want. they probably think of them as a band of “evitas”. (eva peron). though the difference was that eva peron stole a lot and she still gave some to the poor.

    they are probably like ” oh who gives a damn?” its not as if they will ever utilise the funds. lets go and wear our tiaras and sit on our thrones and let the common ppl have cake. some ppl have stupid mentalities. why cant they just buy an armoured craft to take them from one place to another. these are the same people who wonder why they are targets. obviously they are gonna be targets. the more they waste the more it hurts us (in our pocketbooks). politicians were never clever.

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