Classic Car Show 2006

“!(big) 490×367 (Classic Car Show 2006)!”:

Held in Karachi, Jan 29. 2006. See the “Vintage & Classic Car Club of Pakistan”: website for details.

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  1. Hi!

    I am Abhishek in Delhi.It is a pity that Northern part of the Subcontinent(Pakistan and India primarily) has the warehouse of these vintage cars, and they can not be together at the same time.Jaipur in Rajasthan organises a similar event, which is very rich in participation, mainly due to the erswhile princely states.

    On the other hand there is a similarity between the old cars and us, as our relationships start to get old and vintage.From our generation onwards, whomsoever meets whosoever from India or Pakistan, it would be all new and fresh. May be that sets a precedence and we ake this shitty border meaningless.

  2. “ake this shitty border meaningles”……..urm you’r for real right?… wait i know who you are you’re santa in abhishek rai’s costume

  3. Abhishek is right on. It would be great if they could be a joint show. We should work on it. Let’s not mind nevermind. He’s not for real.

  4. Nice to hear we have enthususiasts both sides of the border. Maybe one day (never lose hope), we will actually be able to drive across and arrange joint shows. Now that would be something!

  5. iam also a classic car lover.i have 1960 model Willys jeep in perfect condition.ialso want to take part in these meets ..If there is some occation where i can come and see these vintage bueaties ,please let me know



  6. This is with referance to Mr. Mohsin Ikram’s letter to Editor Dawn. The Federal Department of Archeology is the respondant in a civil petition regarding shifting of artefacts and library from Karachi at the Divisional Bench of Justice Sarmad Jalal Usmani and Zia Pervaiz, Sindh High Court The honourable Judges would like for Mr.Mohsin Ikram to attend court proceedings at 09:00 Monday Morning in their court on 1st Floor of Sindh Court Building regarding his offer for restoration of that car.

    The undersigned is the plaitiff in the above case and someone could contact me on 0300-8215935 or 5637276. Regards Fahim

  7. Hi Guys! We have been working on two grand motoring events with our neighbours India….1) Delhi to Lahore 2) Mumbai to Karachi. Over 50 classic cars are expected to cross over from India to Pakistan via the Wagah border and Khokrapar border respectively. These cars / particpants will be welcomed and hosted by the members of the VCCCP in their vintage & classic cars in Lahore and Karachi respectively.

    Thanks to our hobby, we have made great friends on the other side of the border and I have been honored on a few occassions by my friends in Delhi and Mumbai by inviting me over to judge their car rallies. I was there for the Delhi – Simla Heritage Drive 2005 and the Mumbai Classic Car Fiesta 2006. I made a lot of friends on both the rallies.

    Visit our website and keep upto date on whats happening in the classic car scene in Pakistan.


    Mohsin Ikram

    Founder & President


  8. Mohsin why didnt you display the caddy you have. You shud fotograf all yur cars from all direction, interior etc and put it on this site for all to see and appreciate.

    Take Care

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